What You Can Do With Kubota Mini Excavators

There’s a reason Kubota equipment is so valued by construction companies, landscaping companies, and contractors of all kinds. They’ve been made specifically for the purpose of accomplishing more work with less time. Almost anyone will tell you this goal is virtually invaluable, especially the contractors who need these machines. As with many industries, time is of the essence, and no one wants to deal with the hassle of repairing a heavy machine that’s broken down due to sub par manufacturing, or undergo the stress of not getting a job done within a particular time frame.

With Kubota’s mini excavators, you can have peace of mind that this won’t be a problem.

Like the name implies, mini excavators were made to be more compact, meaning they can move more easily through awkward spaces and tight corners, but they also bring plenty of power to the project. They can also navigate difficult terrain with ease. They have plenty of digging and lifting power, and a lot of range. Mini excavators can often rotate a full 360 degrees, making many projects easier and allowing them to be completed more efficiently.

Mini excavators by Kubota are typically used in both small and large scale projects. They consist of the following:

  • The cab – This is the area where the driver operates the machine.
  • The undercarriage – This area houses the motor and the gears. It also includes the roller track which moves the excavator along the terrain.
  • The house – This area is where the fuel cylinders and engine are housed. It also connects to the undercarriage.
  • The boom arm – This is the extendable “arm” of the mini excavator and can accommodate many different attachments to complete a wide range of projects.
  • The engine – This area gives the mini excavator life and power.
  • The stick – This is a piece that connects the undercarriage with the boom arm.

Projects That Can Be Accomplished With a Kubota Mini Excavator

There are many types of jobs you can do with a mini excavator, including:


Kubota mini excavators are often invaluable machines for construction projects of all kinds. They can be used to clear out garbage and debris from construction sites before a construction project takes place. They can also be used to haul in various materials and even tools and other machinery beforehand and throughout the project. As the project continues, and more debris and unwanted material is created, they can be used to haul it off so that workers can stay productive without obstacles. Finally, many contractors find that mini excavators are great tools for cleaning up construction project sites after the project is over.

Snow Removal

Many areas see long, cold winters and thus private and public entities often need mini excavators to remove it and haul it off afterward. We should be thankful that we don’t live in the 1800’s when snow removal was primarily accomplished with shovels and buckets, or by makeshift snow plows consisting of plows mounted on horse-drawn carts. Instead, you can use Kubota’s mini excavators to clear snow from commercial and residential properties and move it to places that won’t inconvenience anyone. This is important not only for residential properties like large rural ranches and lots that need to be accessed, but for commercial properties that need to bring in customers. After all, you aren’t going to get much business if no one can access it.

Road Building

Whether it’s a dirt, concrete, or gravel road, mini excavators by Kubota bring all of the power and function you need to the table. These machines will help you build roads in both rural areas and for cities that are growing in their infrastructure. Kubota mini excavators will allow you to clear out areas for roads to be built, to shape the roads to your desired directions, sizes, and proportions, and to grade them as well. Dirt grading is essential on almost any road, as it prevents flooding and water damage. These problems will only create time consuming and expensive projects for you to have to work on in the future.


This kind of work is extremely difficult. It can be backbreaking and tiresome. However, Kubota’s mini excavators will make even the toughest projects far easier. Mini excavators are often used on:

  • Land developer property
  • Ranches
  • Vacant lots
  • Acreage
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Farms
  • Construction sites

With Kubota mini excavators, you can:

  • Remove large amounts of unwanted trees, bushes, sagebrush, and other plant life from any given area.
  • Dig ditches for trampolines, fire pits, pools, and other yard structures.
  • Dig down to broken trenches for later repair.
  • Dig trenches to install mainlines for agricultural pivots
  • Dig water line trenches
  • Level property
  • Move large rocks for either aesthetic or structural reasons
  • Perform any required dirt work

Lawn and Garden Projects

As stated above, Kubota’s mini excavators can be used on a variety of landscaping projects, and that includes lawn and garden projects. Everything from large scale projects like sod laying to small scale projects like weed removal and digging pits for trees can be accomplished with these machines.

Demolition Projects

Mini excavators are great for demolishing sheds, shacks, outhouses, and other structures of similar size. They are also often used to accommodate large scale demolition projects in terms of removing massive amounts of rubble and debris. Kubota mini excavators were made to be durable and tough, as well as safe as long as they’re being used by licensed and professional technicians.

Why Kubota?

Having been in the business of manufacturing heavy machinery like mini excavators since 1969, Kubota is a globally recognized company. Although we’ve listed plenty of reasons above as to why a Kubota mini excavator would make the perfect accommodation to a wide range of projects, here we’ll also include a quote directly from their website:

“For Earth, For Life” is much more than Kubota’s brand statement. It’s a mission we dedicate ourselves as a global company. We are committed to engineering excellence so that our customers can focus on planting, feeding, building and caring for our world. We welcome you to explore and learn more about Kubota.

Can Anyone Rent a Mini Excavator by Kubota?

The short and simple answer is no. While these machines are high in quality and efficient, they are still heavy machines, and if used improperly, can lead to substantial damage to both people and property. Excavators are generally only rented to people who can show the necessary legal credential to do so. This includes licensed contractors and professional companies. Renting mini excavators to just anyone can have significant consequences physically, financially, and legally.

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