What is Memory Care at Walnut Valley

If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, memory care communities offer the best care from qualified providers. With specialized care programs, dementia patients are able to live with dignity and respect in a safe environment.

Walnut Valley Senior Living offers a specifically designed memory care community. Their programs were engineered with memory care experts to provide the best care possible. This article is intended to provide insight and details on memory care programs and services and what to look for when considering options.

What is Memory Care?

Overall, a memory care community is designed to provide a structured environment with set routines in a safe environment. The goal is to reduce confusion and stress for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The community’s staff provide meals and assist residents with personal care, much like an assisted living facility. The major difference is the staff is specially trained to handle the unique issues and needs that often arise with memory care. More attention is given and more support is provided on a daily basis.

Standard assisted living has the expectations where residents manage their own time with less staff involvement. Memory care residents are ensured they are getting meals and activities are available for attendance.

Older adults with forms of dementia are prone to wandering. This is an issue with in home care where the surroundings are much less secure. Memory care communities have alarmed exterior doors and enclosed courtyards or outdoor spaces to help prevent residents from wandering away. This offers family members peace-of-mind that their loved one is safe. Some communities offer tracking bracelets that provide freedom to explore the secure space and staff can closely monitor their location.

Memory care communities should offer activities that are designed to engage residents and improve cognitive function at all the stages of dementia. Walnut Valley Senior Living offers unique memory care programs with an expertly trained staff.

picture of senior in a continuing care retirement community but needs memory care

Considering Memory Care

Many seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can typically live on their own in the early stages. Often a family member or paid caregiver will provide regular in-home support. The condition may worsen and progress into more severe stages where memory care is required. It can be in the best interest to consider a professional assistance. Here are some questions to ask when considering the right memory care community.

  • Is the health of the person or my health as a caregiver at risk?
  • Is the person becoming unsafe in their current home?
  • Are the person’s care needs beyond my physical abilities?
  • Am I becoming a stressed, irritable and impatient caregiver?
  • Am I neglecting work responsibilities, my family and myself?
  • Would the structure and social interaction at a memory care community benefit the person with dementia?

Some assisted living communities are not equipped nor can provide the complex services needed for memory care. If your loved one is in a senior living community, it is helpful to discover what health conditions or behaviors your loved one or family member is experiencing. This may also assist with the decision to move them into memory care for better quality of life.

Memory Care Community Features

In comparison from other senior living communities, memory care residents enjoy exclusive features and amenities. Does the senior living community offer your loved one activities and programs that keep them engaged? Does the staff use specially designed strategies for them to eat properly?

Walnut Valley Senior Living community knows memory care is a serious responsibility. They offer expertly crafted programs specific for memory care services. They are staffed every minute of every day in order to provide the proper care and engaging compassion that those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia needs. Their programming offers families peace-of-mind that their loved one is safe and their dignity is preserved.

Most memory care communities have their own programs. Walnut Valley senior living options include:

  • A range of apartment styles and sizes. Individually controlled heating and air conditioning. WiFi available throughout the Community. Basic cable included. Weekly Housekeeping and Laundry.
  • Emergency Call and Response System
  • Trained professional care staff available to provide assistance with personal care needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nurse supervisor 7 days a week. Ongoing specialized training for all associates. Medication Management.
  • Assisted Living that provides an exciting social environment with a wide variety of delicious foods. A Passionate Cuisine menu for those in
  • Concierge desk available for residents and their families. Scheduled transportation
  • Companions available to assist during medical appointments. Access to concierge doctors and other health providers.
  • Beautiful and Spacious outdoor courtyard. Beauty Salon and Barbershop

When considering the best fit for Alzheimer’s and dementia care needs, you should consider if the community is clean and pleasant? Is the community designed so the residents enjoy their stay? Are the rooms and doors clearly labeled with words and pictures to aid residents to find their way around? Are there safe and secure walking paths or enclosed outdoor spaces?

picture of caregiver providing physical assistance

Walnut Valley Senior Living

Unlike a typical senior living community, Walnut Valley memory care center is a viable option for those in need of memory care. With the progressing stages of all types dementia, memory care residents have constant and increasing needs and challenges.

They understand that as a primary caregiver, you may feel uneasy allowing someone else care for your loved one. They not only provide qualified expert support for your loved one as their condition progresses, they promise to honor each individual for the person they are and not the disease they suffer from.

They have created a safe, calm and secure environment that is staffed with trained caregivers and nurses. Quality care is expertly provided at all times for each resident. Here are a few specific programs compassionately provided from Walnut Valley:

  • The Meaningful Moments Program is designed to honor the individual and bring joy to their everyday life. 
  • Parallel Programs are smaller group programs that cater to different cognitive levels so all residents can feel successful when they participate.
  • The Compassionate Cuisine Program is specially designed to assist senior care residents with any mealtime challenges that may arise. 
  • A Certified Dementia Practitioner provides professional and advanced dementia training to all staff members.
picture of memory care residents playing brain games near dining area

Meaningful Moments

The Moments Memory Care Program from Walnut Valley is a complete-person approach to senior care through nutrition, health, mental stimulation, fitness, social engagement, relaxation and creative expression. Their programs goes above other programs offered by a standard senior living community. Their activities go above and beyond a standard monthly calendar and focuses on creating meaningful moments every day.

  • They take the time to learn about each resident’s past and present to create more purposeful, personalized programs.
  • Each activity utilizes Parallel Programming, allowing for residents with different needs, interests, and abilities to partake in activities that foster a feeling of success.
  • They give all staff permission to make everyday activities meaningful and not just tasks that need to be checked off of a list. They know all of their staff members and their individual interests, so this freedom provides them constant opportunities to adapt activities by taking advantage of their individual competencies. Everyone benefits and their team members feel a sense of pride in sharing their interests and talents.
  • They take into account for the opportunities for sensory stimulation focusing on sight, smell, temperature, touch, and hearing. This helps create more meaningful communication with their residents as well as reducing negative behaviors and agitation.
  • To insure their methods are inspired and cutting edge, their programs are researched based and their staff training incorporates lessons learned from national certification programs, such as the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Why Did They Create It?

The Memory Care Center that Walnut Valley created is a purposeful and realistic program that allows each resident to feel valued, successful, peaceful, cared for, and loved. The foundation of this program began with an understanding that each resident is different. They have different likes, dislikes, abilities, and goals. They made a complete program that reflects those differences, not just a one size fits all schedule.

Conclusion retitle

Walnut Valley would like to discuss your options and answer any memory care questions you may have. They encourage your continued research and recommend helpful articles such as this one. Be sure to review the services provided for your loved one and inquire about cost information. In short time, you can find the perfect community.

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