What Happens Without Proper Traffic Control?

Effects On Safety and Efficiency

What Happens Without Proper Traffic Control

It might seem like a counter-intuitive statement, but overall, traffic control products like speed limit signs and barricades actually speed up traffic and keep it moving more efficiently. Without the proper speed limit signs, and the laws in place to enforce them, much of the traffic on our daily commutes would come to a grinding halt.

If people had free reign to drive at any speed they desire, traffic accidents would increase by an alarming rate. We wouldn’t just have one-on-one crashes now and then, we’re talking about massive pile-ups that would block off major streets and highways for long periods of time. The purpose of traffic control through speed limit signs is not simply to ensure the safety of you and those around you, but also to keep traffic moving at a consistent and efficient rate.

The speed indicated on speed limit signs is contingent on the area in which they’re placed. Certain obstacles, be they the direction of the road itself or the local wildlife you’re likely to encounter along the way, are going to affect what speed is determined to be the safest.

There is also the example of roadside construction and work zones that needs to be considered. Without the proper barricades in place to protect drivers, workers, and pedestrians, accidents are far more likely to occur. If a driver impacts a worker, traffic on the street is put to a stop while medics arrive to offer medical care. Furthermore, without the work that needs to be performed on various streets, either in terms of maintenance, repairs, or construction, overall traffic would steadily decline as the infrastructure would not be able to accommodate the growing population of drivers.

Effects On Your Gas Mileage, Your Budget, And Air Pollution

When you drive at a consistent pace, without putting any unnecessary strain on your engine through sudden stops and starts, you get more from the amount of gas you put into your vehicle. As stated above, speed limit signs aren’t only there to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, they’re also there to keep traffic flowing at a consistent and efficient speed depending on the location in which they’re placed.

The extra gas used with sudden stops and starts also creates more fuel emissions, which leads to a higher degree of air pollution.

Increases In Road Rage

There aren’t many of us around who haven’t experienced road rage at some point. The reason this is such a powerful and dangerous phenomenon is that it occurs when we are in our vehicles. Not only are we operating a heavy machine with the potential to cause massive amounts of damage to people and property, but we are also isolated from those around us, and our baser urges can easily take over because the interaction is less personal.

Without the efficiency granted to us with proper road signs, the possibility of road rage is significantly increased. What would have otherwise been a mere inconvenience can escalate to a seriously dangerous situation.

Problems In Parking Lots

What Happens Without Proper Traffic Control

Traffic control signs aren’t just limited to signs on posts. Traffic control stencils are also a big part of proper traffic control. Without the right stencils in place in parking lots, people would have no way of knowing where to park, which areas are reserved for those with physical disabilities, or what the proper speed limit is. This would inevitably lead to inefficient parking, fender benders, and other problems.

All in all, street and parking lot signs are there not only for our safety but for our convenience as well.

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