What Are the Side Effects of Taking CBD Oil for Anxiety?

Coping with anxiety is like being on a never-ending rollercoaster of mixed emotions, largely consisting of fear and panic. Anxiety is experienced by almost everyone at one point or another, but when it becomes a permanent thing, it needs to be dealt with. In the past, we would have to rely on prescription medication in order to temporarily overcome bouts of stress and anxiety, but sadly the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs can make anxiety even worse—not to mention prescription medications are riddled with side effects like insomnia and weight gain.

With more media coverage focusing on how certain medications and chemical-based products can actually make you ill, instead of helping you overcome medical and emotional issues, many people find themselves on a quest to find natural methods of freeing themselves from the bonds of anxiety.

Does CBD Oil Actually Work to Overcome Anxiety?

In short, yes. Like with medical marijuana for such illnesses as Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, Dravet syndrome, blood pressure, chronic pain, Huntington’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, there is still a lot of research on the effects of cannabidiol and CBD products that need to be completed in order to determine exactly how it works and how effective it is, but there is pretty much an entire global movement advocating the use of CBD for anxiety. Why? Well, because the benefits of CBD are clear! Furthermore, CBD oil can also be used to combat issues like insomnia and overthinking, which are known to enhance anxiety.

To put your mind at rest, here is what the medical industry knows about the effects of CBD oil on anxiety thus far:

A minor study performed in 2010 discovered that cannabidiol is capable of reducing the symptoms of social anxiety in those suffering from anxiety disorders. This came to light as a result of the brain scans done on the participants of the study, which revealed changes in blood flow in the parts of the brain that are linked to feeling anxiety. In this particular study, CBD made the subjects feel much better, as well as changing the way that their brains responded to anxiety triggers.

In 2011, another study showed that CBD could massively reduce anxiety related to public speaking.

There was a research paper published in 2014 stating that CBD oil had antidepressant effects on lab subjects.

Finally, the analysis of previous studies conducted on CBD oil concluded that it could be an excellent treatment option for anxiety disorders, including severe ones like PTSD.

Are There Any Side Effects from Taking CBD for Anxiety?

As you are probably already aware, research that has been performed on the use of pure cannabis suggests that it could have harmful effects, especially when smoked. Interestingly, though, research that specifically focuses on CBD has not found any noteworthy negative side effects, making CBD oil an excellent option for those who have been put off prescription anxiety meds following bad experiences with them.  

It is worth taking into account that not every state in America has legalized CBD oil. Many have legalized the use of cannabis overall and some states only permit the use of CBD for medical reasons. Therefore, the worst side effect you could experience as a result of using CBD oil is a penalty if you are caught using it and it isn’t permitted in your state.

Whilst CBD oil doesn’t produce negative side effects, your body may take time to adjust to it. Taking a higher dose right away might cause you a stomach upset, which is why we recommend starting out with a smaller dose.

Will CBD Oil Make Me High?

Providing you select the correct strain of CBD oil or CBD tincture for an anxiety disorder or pain, it won’t make you high. This is because CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of THC (another compound of marijuana) so even though THC can be beneficial when using CBD to cure some ailments, you will never have to worry about finding oil that is made up of THC on its own. That said, some particular strains that are higher in THC might cause you to feel slightly drowsy and gently euphoric, in which case you will need to ensure you only take it when you are at home with no plans to operate machinery or a vehicle.

The best way to see if CBD will work to cure your anxiety is to try it. It is 100% safe and it can be used alongside existing medication and other homeopathic remedies. Specific strains have now been developed to target the effects of anxiety and depression, so it is worth spending some time doing some research on which strain appeals most to you. Once you have found an oil you like the sound of, then make sure you buy it from a reputable provider to ensure that the quality is up to standard and that it is completely organic.

Final Thoughts

Even though many people have been self-medicating with CBD oil for years, there is still relatively little information disclosing just how powerful it can be when used to heal illnesses. Some people think that CBD has been largely kept out of the mainstream media, due to Big Pharma wanting to protect their products and others simply jump to conclusions and write it off as soon as they learn it is derived from cannabis. That aside, there is still enough medical evidence to determine that CBD is not only safe to use, it is also highly effective as a remedy to a multitude of disorders, both emotional and physical.

This article by Madeleine Taylor is originally published at SundayScaries.

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