There’s A New Assisted Living Facility In Caldwell!

Long having been in need of more assisted living, There’s finally a new assisted living facility in Caldwell. The Gables, a very well respected assisted living facility in eastern Idaho is expanding its horizons and entering the western Idaho assisted living market. Their first location in Caldwell has opened its doors at a newly constructed facility on 917 E Ustick Rd. 

What Makes The Gables Different?

The Gables, unlike many of their competitors, firmly believes in keeping their assisted living homes small. Maintaining a full staff to serve those in their homes ensures that every resident gets the care and attention they deserve. Furthermore, the Gables is very community focused. As the number of residents increase, it becomes easier for many of them to disappear into their private rooms, and never build that strong sense of community that the gables strive to create. They keep an activity calendar constantly updated with engaging activities for their residents, and they hold regular celebrations for holidays, birthdays, and the like!

How Can I Tour It?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the accessibility to assisted living facilities in caldwell has decreased drastically. This is in an effort to better protect the residents of all assisted living homes who are the most susceptible to the disease. As a result, new residents and their families are unable to physically tour facilities before signing up. This does not mean however, that you must go in blind. The Gables has a virtual tour video easily viewable on their website. In an 8 minute video they walk you through the facility, and the surrounding grounds to give you the best idea possible what life is like for your loved ones while in the facility. Once again due to COVID-19, once signed up, there are very specific protocols that they will follow to protect your loved one, as well as the other residents in the facility.

What If I Have Questions?

Then you’re not alone. All of us want to ensure our family members are receiving the very best of care. And we know there are special considerations for every resident. If you are struggling with pressing questions or concerns regarding the proper care of your loved one, Contact the gables directly at (208) 455-2324.

Lastly, if you love the way this new assisted living facility in caldwell looks, but just don’t live nearby. Check out the Gables Locations page. They have specialized locations all across Idaho, and are bound to have a facility near you, so you can keep your loved ones close. If you are looking for memory care options, The Gables also has many qualified, and professional team members who are trained in the care of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Many of their facilities have been specialized solely for their care because their needs can be so specific and unique from many others. 

Whatever their needs the Gables promises to always deliver care of the highest quality to you and your loved ones.

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