Should Window Coverings Be Removed When Selling a Home?

Wherever you go there seems to always be 2 main ideas surrounding window coverings when selling a home. One camp believes that they are integral to the appearance of the home, increasing the homes value and should never be removed when selling a home (Unless damaged of course, then they must be replaced). While the second group is of the opinion that all window coverings must be removed during staging in order to increase the value of your home. So which is the truth? What do consumers really want? And why are there such conflicting opinions about such a simple topic?

Why Do Some Believe Window Coverings Are A Must When Selling A Home?

Light flowy window coverings

The pro-window coverings faction has a compelling argument for why the window coverings in a home must stay. For starters, Window coverings such as shades, shutters, and drapes all work together to create the warm homey atmosphere in each room. Often they work to tie your home decor into one cohesive whole, they give you and the agent complete control over the lighting of a room. Which, when done right, really sets off the first impressions of those coming to look at your home. Finally, Window coverings are not cheap, especially when you’re looking at getting high quality shades, shutters, blinds, or drapes. The kind that won’t disintegrate after 6 months of use. Seeing them already in place can encourage the buyers, proving that the home has been well taken care of and won’t require a lot of investment on their part.

Why Do Some Believe Window Coverings Must Go When Selling A Home?

So why then do so many believe that window coverings must almost universally be removed when selling a home? Well it comes down to two things, Lighting, and Personality.


dark and obtrusive window coverings

The lighting of a home is integral when looking to sell a home. Particularly natural lighting. Natural lighting is king at creating warm, cozy, homey environments, and as a result, we want as much of it as possible in our homes when looking to show it to potential buyers. A great way to increase that natural brightness is to remove any and all window coverings there are currently in the home. Even though the customers will want to re-install them upon purchasing, it can bedazzle them with the beauty and charm of your home just long enough to get them to finish out the deal.


The other reason many agents despise window coverings is because of the personalities they portray. Keep in mind that their job is to make the home as attractive as possible to as many people as possible in order to find you a buyer at your asking price.

Have you ever been in a home where the walls and furniture are brightly colored and exciting? Maybe there’s lots of african wildlife photos strewn about, or even a mural of where the wild things are on the wall. None of these things are bad, and most often match the personality of the person who resides there. My own parents’ home has more colors on the walls than there are colors of easter egger’s eggs, and that’s just how we like it. But much like attempting to sell a gold car with lambo doors, it can be difficult to find the right buyer. Toning back the colors to more neutral hues, and removing window coverings provides your purchasers with a blank canvas, allowing their imaginations to run wild, letting them see their own personality in this potential home.

Who Is Correct?

As with many things, both parties are correct in many aspects, but miss the mark on some of the finer details. Adding window coverings when done properly can increase the value of your home. But depending on the type and style of the window covering, it may need to be removed before reselling your home. Thick, dark window coverings are to be avoided, but light flowy neutral colored drapes are a definite plus when looking to sell you home. This is because they allow in much of the natural light, but also provide a bit of texture to the eye making for a very attractive staging.

Do all you can to increase the amount of light in your home before a viewing, but be careful to cover or keep covered any unattractive views from your home as well! If you are unsure on what to do with the window coverings in your home, or on how to improve your home’s value, feel free to contact a local real estate agent, or a window covering specialist to find the perfect solution for you and your home.

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