Should I Go to Traffic School for a Speeding Ticket?

When you get a speeding ticket in Springfield, MO there a few ways to deal with it:

  • You can pay for the ticket. This option will add points to your ticket and may increase your insurance premiums. 
  • You can fight the ticket. To win your case, you’ll want to hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Springfield who is well versed in the laws of the county in which you received the ticket.
  • You can go to traffic school. This option gives you the chance to avoid paying your ticket and getting points added to your license, without worrying about insurance premiums or other consequences.

So which of these options should you choose? Well, that depends. Before deciding on the best decision for you, consult with a traffic ticket attorney in Springfield for legal advice. This article explains when and why you should go to traffic school for a speeding ticket and how going to Missouri traffic school can even remove points on your license!

Enrolling in The Missouri Driver Improvement Program(DIP) 

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Many people don’t realize that they are eligible to enroll in a DIP in Missouri to avoid getting points or reduce them. The fact of the matter is that if you get a Missouri speeding ticket or other traffic violation, you may be eligible to enroll in the Missouri Driver Improvement Program.

Enrolling in the Missouri DIP allows you to remove traffic tickets from your record and you can apply to have points deducted from your license. In some cases, and depending on your insurance provider, you may also be able to apply for a reduction in your auto insurance rates. 

You can find a list of Missouri approved online and brick-and-mortar defensive driver courses here

Generally, a course lasts only eight hours and only needs to be completed over 3 years. Check with your Springfield traffic ticket attorney to find out whether or not the judge presiding over your case accepts a DIP for traffic violations.

The Benefits of Taking a Missouri Driver Improvement Program

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There are numerous benefits that going to traffic school for a speeding ticket will offer you. One of the biggest reasons that many people choose to attend a DIP is to reduce the number of points on their driver’s license the fastest way possible (if you don’t complete a DIP, you have to wait over three years to have your points reduced back to zero). However, this is not the only benefit of going to traffic school in Missouri. Other benefits include:

  • Insurance Reduction. Traffic tickets add points to your license, in turn, the more points you have on your license, the higher your auto insurance premiums. This is because a person is deemed an “at-risk driver” if he or she has X amount of points on their driver’s license. By successfully completing a Missouri driver improvement program, you will either keep points from accumulating on your license or reduce the current amount of points. This will reduce your insurance. If you already have increased rates as a result of excessive points on your license make sure you contact your insurance provider once you have completed the program and that points have been taken off of your license so that you can go back to having a reduced rate. 
  • Knowledge. Beyond point reduction and decreased insurance rates, the knowledge that you’ll gain from taking a DIP in Missouri is tenfold. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving for one month or ten years, there is always something to learn at traffic school.

Call Your Missouri Traffic Ticket Attorney Today

While traffic school may sound too good to be true: an 8-hour class that will save you money and keeps your insurance premiums down while keeping your driving privileges, the truth is it’s not. It’s readily available to pretty much anyone who has gotten a speeding ticket or similar traffic citation in Missouri. 

To make sure that the traffic school of your choice meets Missouri’s and the judge’s requirements, contact the legal team at Springfield Traffic Tickets today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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