Services From Capitol Barricade

Our everyday life is impacted by the various services and resources provided by modern day technology. We have traffic lights, road signs, traffic cones, and traffic signs. None of that would be possible without modern day technology. One of the best companies that provide us with the services that help us in our day to day lives is known as Capitol Barricade

Who is Capitol Barricade?

Capitol Barricade has provided traffic control services in the Northern California region for around 30 years. The services they provide can include the rental and sales of equipment such as arrow boards, barricades, cones, and changeable message boards. They offer a full-service sign shop that is in charge of designing and manufacturing work areas and project signs as well as permanent regulatory and warning signs. They also can make custom signs and banners.  

The service they provide includes an array of traffic services that help us every day. 

Capitol Barricade offers construction and safety equipment for various events and situations. For traffic plans they can offer but aren’t limited to:

  • Construction cones
  • Safety cones
  • Barrier Tape
  • Barricades
  • Safety signs
  • Temporary traffic lights
  • Custom traffic signs
  • Two-way traffic signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Hard road barricades
  • Construction barriers
  • Traffic Cones
  • Transverse rumble strips

What services can they provide?

A few of the services provided are more important than others. A few services they offer can include:

Transverse Rumble Strips

These products alert drivers when they are entering forbidden territory through visual, auditory, and physical indicators. They are a commonly used form of Sacramento traffic control rental equipment, as rumble strips are effective, easy to set up and tear down, and it helps ensure both worker and driver safety.

Portable Barricades

Services From Capitol Barricade

Barricades for traffic control are designed, first and foremost, to make sure the lives of drivers and workers are protected by absorbing the force of the vehicle impact. Not only do they reduce the risk of car accident fatalities, but they also help to reduce the monetary and material loss that can result from accidents as well.

Traffic Control Signs

Traffic control signs very important. Think of how traffic lights work and keep everyone safe on the streets. The signs help provide safety and comfort on the roads and protect citizens. Capitol Barricade offers many traffic control signs.

They can provide:

Services From Capitol Barricade
  • ADA Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Banners
  • Street Name Signs
  • Mast Arm Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Project Signs
  • Work Zone Signs
  • Custom Signs

Capitol Barricade offers custom street signs, custom shapes, flat-cut letters, etc. They can also offer the rental and sales of traffic control equipment. For example, arrow boards, barricades, cones, and changeable message boards. As a dedicated traffic control sign shop they can design and manufacture work areas and project signs. They create permanent regulatory and warning signs, custom signs, and banners. With their CNC router they are able to create any sign made from any of these materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sign Foam
  • ChemMetal

Rental Traffic Cones

Services From Capitol Barricade

Roadside construction zones require traffic cones to indicate where traffic is supposed to flow and keep vehicles safe. Traffic cones can also be helpful tools for concerts, weddings, and other events.

They provide traffic cones made by:

  • JBC
  • Traffix Devices
  • RSM Safety

Capitol Barricade wants to offer services that help the city and the projects that take place. They also know that they can be expensive so Capitol Barricade offers financing options for rumble strips, portable changeable message signs, arrow boards, portable traffic signals, radar speed display trailers, truck mounted arrow or CMS boards, automated Flagger assistance devices, water-filled barriers, and more.

Capitol Barricade offers stencils, which can be used for many different projects. Commonly known as Pavement Marking Stencils, Pavement markings and stencils are needed for keeping order in private or public parking lots, driveways, and on public roads. Think about the yellow lines in the middle of the road. Those were made with stencils and pavement markings and are extremely helpful to not only the city but the people in it. They are really important in organizing traffic flow on public roads by providing key visual cues to impending driving situations. Stenciled pavement markings provide essential information to allow both foot and motorized traffic to make directional travel and parking decisions and can provide safe travel.

The most commonly known method for applying markings on the pavement is with a stencil, pavement paint, or pavement thermoplastic. Pavement stencils are generally made of strong lasting polymer plastic or even aluminum sheeting. Capitol Barricade also offers custom stencils to provide you with help on any projects you might have. At Capitol Barricade, they make sure to keep a stock inventory of numbers, letter kits, and common handicap parking in all common sizes. 

Why should you go with Capitol Barricade for any of your equipment needs?

Services From Capitol Barricade

Capitol Barricade represents 6 premier road construction materials manufacturers selling products direct to west coast barricade and traffic safety distributors and dealers. They also serve and represent as the west coast distribution center for American Traffic Safety Materials, Bone Safety Sign, First In Safety, Plastic Safety Systems, US Legends, Signal Tech, and Viz Pro. As a customer of Capitol Barricade, you’re not only purchasing a product from Capitol Barricade, you’re purchasing from a bigger distributor at a bigger discounted price, saving you money. As well as being regional and national representatives of these companies, Capitol Barricade is a genius in customized signs and fabricated devices. 

Capitol Barricade has been around for about 30 years so when it comes to experience and knowledge in what they need to know, they’re the crew to go with. They are familiar and aware of traffic control requirements, and they know which products are the most reliable for your projects and needs. You can also count on their products to be in tip-top shape with all state and federal regulations. They understand that there are potential dangers of roadside work zones, and areas in which traffic control is very important for the safety of drivers, workers, and especially pedestrians. They understand how important road safety is and that’s why they work hard day and night to provide safety with the proper equipment.

Capitol Barricade is more than just a company making a product to sell. They know the importance of the products they make and strive to make the roads, construction areas, and public surroundings safer with the work they’re doing. Capitol Barricade is an amazing company to work with because they know that your work is important too and want to offer any help they can give you the best and safest experience they can.

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