Quick Facts About Window Treatments


For people who own cats and dogs (or other more exotic pets), window coverings are one of the first things in the house to see the effects of non-human creatures living in your home. It’s just a fact we have to accept – these beings don’t understand the concept of privacy.

For Dog Owners

Don’t settle for low-quality window coverings. You generally need strong wood or faux wood if you own a dog – even a little one. 

  • Vertical Blinds – Dogs often break window treatments by bending them with their paws. Vertical blinds are basically impervious to this. 
  • Roller Shades – These are smooth window treatments that roll up very easily. Your dog can easily lift them up with their snout to take a look outside.
  • Plantation Shutters – Your dog can usually look through these pretty easily so they’re not too tempted to tamper with them.
  • Wide Slat Wood Blinds – As the name implies, these give dogs a lot of space to see through. That said, they can snap more easily under pressure than the ones listed above – be sure you have a relatively well-behaved dog for these ones.

For Cat Owners

Facts About Window Treatments

Avoid low-hanging fabrics at all costs. Yes, that includes drapes. If you are a cat owner, drapes are pretty much out of the question unless your cat is very well-behaved.

As with dogs, it’s a good idea to avoid low-quality (plastic) window treatments and go for the more durable wood for faux wood varieties. 

Although it’s basically impossible to keep your cats from wanting to jump up on the windowsill to take a look outside (and get caught up in how fun and exciting it is to wreak havoc on the surrounding window treatments), there are some strategies you can employ.

  • Tie up your cords – We all know cats love strings and anything string-related. Tying up your cords will pose less of a temptation for them.
  • Put tinfoil or double-sided tape on the windowsill – Cats hate these materials.
  • Apply some citrus spray – Cats don’t like citrus much.
  • Designate a specific window for your cat – Keep all of your other window coverings closed, but leave one window without window coverings at all. Maybe even keep some cat toys and catnip up there for the little critter.

Save Energy With Window Treatments

Just keep this simple principle in mind: bright colors reflect light, dark colors absorb it.

Facts About Window Treatments

During the summer, install some bright window coverings as tightly against your windows as possible and keep them closed throughout the day. They will reflect light and reduce the amount of heat entering your home. During the night, leave the windows open and let the house keep cool.

During the winter, install dark window coverings and only leave them open in rooms where the sun is shining in. At night, close all window treatments to trap as much heat as possible.

By consistently following this pattern, you can reduce heating and cooling costs year round. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. You can mix and match different window treatments (blinds and shades) for maximum results. Swap window treatments every season. You can even find window treatments that are bright on one side and dark on the other for exactly this purpose.

Window Treatments For The Main Rooms Of Your Home

Living Room

Facts About Window Treatments

Depending on your style, you’ll either want to go for wood/faux wood or more modern window treatments (micro-blinds, metal blinds, cool plastic blinds available in basically any color imaginable). 

Your living room is essentially the main room in your home, so make sure your window treatments mesh with the decor.


Facts About Window Treatments

Avoid wood at all costs! The reason is that the bathroom has a lot of temperature changes and moisture build-up. Both of these factors make wood expand and contract which leads to damage. 

If you want wood blinds in your bathroom or sauna, go for faux wood instead. It looks and feels just like natural wood.


Facts About Window Treatments

The bedroom is where we go at the end of the day to relax and rest. This means our bedroom decor should be relaxing, helping calm our minds. Choose window coverings with neutral and soothing colors.

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