Pet Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Every year, we see a new realm of pet trends that have that “wow” factor flooding the market on social media, at the local pet store, or at the Global Pet Expo—and 2019 is certainly no different for the pet care and pet business in general. We’re seeing a ton of new age ideas that are going to completely change the way you and your pet live your day to day lives. From new apps for your phone to new ideas when it comes to dog food, you’re sure to be amazing (and excited) at what 2019 pet trends have to offer. Even pet services such as pet grooming and pet sitting, and veterinary care, as well as the pet food industry,  have got in on the act and are offering more and more new and exciting food products.

More Technology

Technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives in this day and age; therefore, companies are going to utilize this area of their business and use it to sell more of their must-have, new age products to dog owners and pet parents in general. Some of the products you might see in 2019 include:

  • Pet Health Apps. It is easy to stay up-to-date with your pet’s health when you have an app on your phone helping you every step of the way. These apps will ensure your pet is in top-notch condition and also provide insight on things you can do to help your pet grow bigger and stronger. Some apps will also hook up to webcams to check on your dog throughout the day with ease.
  • Automatic pet feeders. Not your typical automatic pet feeder, though. These are connected to an app so you can feed your dog even when you’re not at home.
  • Mobile vet clinics. Don’t want to visit your veterinarian if you don’t absolutely have to? I’m sure your dog will love hearing that there will be digital applications for vets in 2019. This means no horrible visits to the vet that ends in an anxious, uneasy dog that is afraid to go for a ride in the car again.

Tear-Free Vet Visits

Animals do not like the vet (and neither do pet parents), it’s really as simple as that. And veterinarians across the country have decided it’s enough. They no longer want the animal medicine experience to be a horrible one that leaves dogs (and every other pet) riddled with anxiety and distraught.

So, what measures are veterinarians and their assistants taking to ensure every visit is an enjoyable one? First and foremost, they want to alleviate the anxiety by offering plenty of positive reinforcement during the visit while also providing treats and goodies for the good doss.

Another thing they want to do is create new rooms throughout the office, including a separate waiting room for dogs and cats so there’s no fighting while waiting in the waiting room. They also want to provide dogs only and cats only exam rooms so smells don’t rile them up anymore.

Lastly, the use of calming pheromones may also be used to help release any stress or anxiety that the pet is having. This is a huge positive for both pets and their owners alike!

Food Delivery Services

Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub…do I really need to go on?

In this day and age, we expect to have our food delivered to us. So, why wouldn’t we want the same for our dogs? In 2019, they will be introducing a food delivery service for dogs as well, and pet owners everywhere just wiped the sweat off their forehead and sighed with relief.

With healthy, nutritious food being delivered directly to your door, there is really no excuse to not provide your dog with the best. It makes everything so much easier on everyone’s part, and your dog will be delighted to have a treat delivered to him every so often.

And speaking of pet food, another trend you might see in 2019 is better food. It seems like pet owners are less interested in brand names and prices these days. They would much rather prefer something nutritious for their pup to keep them healthy and strong for many years to come. This means that more companies are making pet foods that are loaded up with real ingredients that make your dog (and their belly) happy.

Stress-Reducing Food

Dogs can suffer from anxiety for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s obvious what’s going on to bring on the stress, and other times we haven’t a clue why our dog is all the sudden behaving oddly and riddled with anxiety.

Pet owners said enough is enough when it comes to a stressed-out pup. Now we are seeing an increase in pet food and treats that contain calming ingredients such as probiotics and CBD oils, as well as many other ingredients,  said to release stress.

These products are starting to pop up on the shelves everywhere, including FOMO Bones which have become a huge hit recently. Our bones, much like other products, you will start to see on the shelves in pet stores and are geared toward making dogs feel at ease. That means no more jittery pup, no more doggy struggling with anxiety—just a happy dog that you know and love.

Eating Like Adults

People will always say not to give food off your plate to your dog, but why? Yes, it’s true some of these foods are harmful; however, there is a wide long list of foods that are perfectly fine for your pup. This is why more and more people are starting to give their dog exactly what they are eating, especially if they are following an organic diet filled with plenty of lean meat, fruits, and vegetables.


Excited for 2019 pet trends? We don’t blame you! There are truly some amazing things we get to look forward to—and your dog will be happy too. Just imagine how your puppy will act when his belly is filled with a proper diet filled with stress-relieving properties? How about a visit to the vet that isn’t a disaster? These things—and more—are just moments away.

This article by Jordan is originally published at FOMO Bones.

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