Office Space Productivity In 2020

Through modern technology, new inventions have been made for people to have at their disposal. This can make many lives a lot easier and convenient. What the people have now, generations before them might not have had. For example, the telephone is a modern invention that continues to evolve and change, and it’s something people have learned and gained to rely on. The telephone has gone from dials, to cords, to bulk, and finally to wireless technology and small enough to fit in the modern pocket. Most people in this day and age use telephones in everything they do, in their personal lives and in their workspaces and it has become a big part of many peoples lives. As times go on to change more and more workplaces are adding modern equipment into their workspaces, which is amazing as society evolves and changes consistently. 

While there are still a lot of workspaces and people that prefer to have electronic free zones, there are some where their work depends on it, and the changes it brings with those changes. 

One place that happens to be a booming place for technology but also keeps their old ways is a classic office setting. Picture the well placed desks, cabinets galore and those perfect desk phones ringing in the background. Every office seems to be the cliche desks, cabinets, and phones which is perfectly reasonable because that’s what is seen to the public eye but there’s more to an office space then those three things because let’s face it, a good office needs more than just those things to run successful and what better way to do so with wireless technology to keep up with the times so in this article there will be a discussion about what an office needs as far as wireless technology comes into play. Having the best office setting and tech for staff and employees can boost productivity which can make work easier but also the best seen yet. 

The Productivity Your Office Needs

Work can be exhausting and right down to it, a drag when time isn’t used wisely to get work done. With only so many hours in a day, the time spent at work is and always will be critical. When it comes down to it, there are two ways to improve and increase work productivity, putting in even more hours, or using that time to work smarter, and working smarter is always the greater choice. Being more productive at work doesn’t have to be a struggle, but it does take the effort of managing time more wisely so without further adieu, here are some ways to better manage the working time and to gain a better sense of work productivity.

  • Tracking and limiting the time spent on tasks – While most people can get a good idea on how they spend their time, and how long they’re spending on certain tasks, it can be hard to track that time given away and even harder to limit that time used. Using time management tools like Rescue time can help staff know exactly how much time is being spent on certain tasks, how much time is being spent on things like social media, and even how much time is being spent on emails, word processing and other apps that don’t need as much time being spent.
  • Take a break – While this sounds like, well let’s be honest, a waste of time and time management, studies show that taking regular and scheduled breaks can help people improve their concentration at work especially during longer and grueling tasks. This can help people maintain a consistent level of performance, while not taking breaks shows that it can bring a decline in productivity. Taking regular breaks and importantly set and consistent breaks can help people keep up their productivity and act as a refresh to the brain.
  • Setting self-inflicted deadlines – While stress can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to productivity, self imposed stress at a manageable level can be helpful as it gives a state of focus and can help more people to be encouraged to meet their goals in a timely and productive manner. Setting deadlines, especially for projects that don’t have a deadline, and then sticking to that deadline to make sure that it happens can really boost the level of productivity and focus in the workplace. 
  • No more multitasking – While this seems like the gold time saver, it can actually be the opposite. Studies have shown that trying to perform several tasks all during one time can be the result of lost time and lost productivity as it’s just too much going on all at one time. Make a habit of taking it one step at a time, and perform each task with more efficiency and productivity then most would while multitasking.
  • Take exercise breaks – While taking breaks is important, they can get even better. Using break time to exercise can really get those juices flowing and actually help improve the productivity set out. If it’s possible, at scheduled breaks, use that time to go to the gym or even go on a walk to get your blood pumping to give that boost that can clear your head and get that desired focus back.
  • Turn off notifications – Going silent is not a bad thing, in fact, clearing distractions from the work environment is the perfect setting when it comes to productivity work so that clear and focused work can take place. Be proactive instead of reactive and save that time and energy for the work taking place for the best results. 
  • Minimizing Interruptions – While this one is a bit harder said than done, cutting out interruptions in the workspace can help improve work and focus as it can save you precious time needed for work especially for time sensitive projects. 
  • Finally, destroy the idea and illusion of perfection. In this day and age it’s hard to face that the tasks faced don’t have to be perfect, nowhere near it in fact. Don’t get hung up on achieving the perfect status when given a task and instead work smarter and save time and give the task the proper focus and best that can be given. Give the best of possible ability and then move on, and if needed be saved for later to improve as there’s always room for more improvement. 

Being productive doesn’t have to mean more stress and work that just makes working harder a struggle. Find a way to get those juices flowing and a way to work smarter not harder. Productivity can only be changed in the steps that are set into motion.

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