Murphy Cabinet Beds For Christmas

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. That means, if you are like me, you have about a month until you start thinking about what to get your loved ones for Christmas. (Yeah, I’m a procrastinator — why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!) The problem with procrastinating is that you may come up with a great idea, but don’t have enough time to pull it off before Christmas Day.

Something that would make a really great Christmas present is a Murphy Bed. I know so many people that would love to be able to add that to their home. The problem is that ordering a Murphy Bed — especially if you want a customized hand-crafted one — can take weeks to arrive. But there is a solution to this problem — the Cabinet Murphy Bed.

What Is A Murphy Cabinet Bed?

Murphy Cabinet Beds are also sometimes called Chest Beds. Essentially, it is a queen size bed that folds up into an attractive chest. They come with a comfortable 6” gel-infused memory foam mattress. The mattress is designed to tri-fold into the cabinet for storage. When it is in use, it offers a comfortable place to sleep. This is a great option for any living room, TV room, guest room, or really anywhere in your home.

When the bed is not being used, these stylish chests will completely hide it from view. And in mere seconds, the bed can be pulled out for use!

The top Murphy Bed manufacturer in the industry, Wilding Wallbeds offers 4 different styles of Murphy Cabinet Beds. They are the Poppy, Clover, Sagebrush, and Cube. One of these styles is sure to work well in your home. Especially when you consider that each of these Cabinet Murphy Beds is available in several colors.

One of the best benefits of these Murphy Cabinet Beds is the fact that they are free-standing. What does this mean? They don’t have to be mounted to a wall or floor. Why is this important? Not only are these beds cheaper than most other styles of Murphy Bed, but they also require much less work. There is no installation needed in a certain location. You can put it in one room and easily move it someplace else if the need arises. It is the perfect option for any condos, apartments, dorm rooms, or rental properties where you aren’t allowed to attach things to the wall.

woman demonstrates Murphy Bed

Murphy Beds vs Cabinet Murphy Beds

There are some differences and some similarities between these two types of beds. Depending on your specific situation, one of them might be a better fit for your needs. They are both a comfortable and stylish upgrade over a futon or couch. Here’s a look at more about each of them.

  • Murphy Beds are flexible, full-sized beds that are flexible enough to give you options. Murphy Beds fold out into a full-size bed that is instantly ready for use. When you are done, it quickly folds back up against the wall. The bedding is able to stay in place so you don’t have to deal with it each time you want to use the bed. Many Murphy Beds are designed for dual usage as a desk, bookcase, or home office. They are great for any place that could use more space. The downside of a Murphy Bed compared to a Cabinet Murphy Bed is that they are more expensive and that they are not easily moved once they have been installed. They are also more difficult to install.
  • Cabinet Murphy Beds are smaller than the typical Murphy Bed. When they are not in use, they fold up into a cabinet and the bed is completely hidden from view. These are smaller than Murphy Beds and can be used in places the bigger versions may not fit. Cabinet Murphy Beds don’t require much at in for installation. This is because they are free-standing. They’ll work well in any room no matter what the height of the ceiling is. They are also easily moved from one place to another — room to room or from one residence to another. It is the perfect piece of furniture for a renter. And of course, the lower cost is a big bonus too. If you have to have a spring mattress then you’ll want to go with the Murphy Bed because the Cabinet Murphy Beds come with their own fold-away memory foam mattresses. The downside to that is that the bedding does not stay in place for repeated use. You will need to remake the bed each time you use it.

Antimicrobial Protection

One thing that can really add to the quality of your Cabinet Murphy Bed is a new technology called antimicrobial protection. This is offered through Wilding Wallbeds and it is a Sherwin-Williams finish with Microban® Protection. This technology is infused in the finish during the manufacturing process so it becomes a permanent part of the Murphy Bed and protects it against mold and mildew. This was originally intended for clinics and hospitals but is now available for every consumer!

This works much better than a normal disinfectant because it works 24/7 to stop the growth of microbes instead of temporarily eliminating them. Your Cabinet Murphy Bed will stay clean because those unwanted problems will be prevented before they even get started. Plus, it won’t wash off, wear away, or have to be reapplied!


Both Murphy Beds and Cabinet Murphy Beds are awesome, innovative pieces of furniture. Both are going to make some very nice Christmas gifts. Who wouldn’t want a new bed made from real hardwood and furniture grade plywood? Especially when they come with a limited 10-year warranty and are rated to 600 lbs. Because of the reduced cost, ease of installation, and ability to move them around — a Cabinet Murphy Bed sounds like the perfect Christmas gift in 2019. In fact, Posh 100 has named the top 10 best Murphy Beds in 2019 and the top four on the list are Cabinet Murphy Beds.

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