Murphy Beds – Stylish, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly!

Your first reaction to the term Murphy Beds might be to think about some outdated contraption in an old movie. What they fail to realize is just how convenient and modern the use of a wall bed can be. We live in an ever-changing and modern world. Consumers are constantly looking for something that is convenient. They want something comfortable and functional. Everyone wants a product that is stylish and well made. But one of the biggest changes to the market is consumers wanting products to be green and eco-friendly.

Looking for something that can provide comfort and convenience that is well made and eco-friendly? A Murphy Bed might be what you need.

Why Murphy Beds?

Murphy Beds are a great addition to any home, for any reason. Those who have limited living space can utilize a living room, home office or playroom for extra sleeping room. Large families can keep the bedroom without losing the play area. That’s even with two kids to a room. Students living in studio apartments can have both a functional place to study and a comfortable place to sleep. Murphy Beds offer many different styles and options for the many reasons to need or want some extra space. There are plenty of possibilities Murphy Beds can add to your home.

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Also, buying a Murphy Bed is a great investment. They are sturdy and will last as long. Much longer than most conventional beds. Companies such as Wilding Wallbeds pride themselves on the quality of their craftsmanship. You won’t find a bed they build that doesn’t have high-grade materials and experienced engineering. These are beds you will be able to keep and potentially pass down for generations to enjoy.

The coolest part? Wilding Wallbeds is committed to keeping the production of Murphy Beds green and eco-friendly. They care about the environment, and it shows.

Eco-Friendly Production Practices

Every part of the production process that Wilding Wallbeds boasts has some sort of green influence. Climate change and global warming are always on the news. That means these green practices are truly something to boast about. As a leader in their industry, it encourages other companies to work to do the same. Eventually, all manufacturers might start to feel the pressure to step up and do their part. They work hard to provide a quality product, good customer service, and protect our environment. That is why they are considered the new standard. It just so happens that Wilding Wallbeds works to this standard, and beyond it.

Their production facility uses energy saving lights. Making the switch to this cutting edge efficiency has allowed them to cut their lighting energy consumption by half. They have also installed solar power panels to the building. This provides a clean and renewable energy source. It is used for machines and lights. Solar power has no emissions or toxic gases. This means power is created using energy from the sun. It doesn’t negatively affect the environment. Any Murphy Bed that comes with a lighting option will use LED lights, which are energy efficient as well.

The different models of Murphy Beds come in many different shades and stains. Sometimes during production, paint thinners, lacquers and stains become contaminated. If this happens, they are considered to be hazardous waste. In order to combat this, Wilding Wallbeds invested in an ECOpure solvent recycler. They can now use almost 95% of the wasted product. This does two things. It saves them money in material and from having to send off more hazardous material for disposal.

Their production facility uses a spray booth to apply finishes of paint, stain and lacquer to their materials. This helps to ensure a smooth finish on the Murphy Bed that will look great and last a lifetime. Each spray booth has exhaust filters so that the air is scrubbed before being released out into the environment. These filters also help to create a safer and cleaner work environment for all of their employees.

All of this sounds pretty great, right? Well, Wilding Wallbeds wanted to take it one step further.

Sustainable Materials Through The Hardwood Forestry Fund

Any wood used to build a Wilding Wallbed Murphy Bed, cabinet, or desk is harvested through the Hardwood Forestry Fund. Hardwood is harvested in an efficient manner that has the least negative impact on the environment or surrounding ecosystems. This is done through tree planting and thoughtful forest management. They educate and implement techniques to establish hardwood forests on public land.

Since 1990, it has been the Hardwood Forestry Fund’s mission to:

  • Plant high-quality forests
  • Educate the public on forest management and environmental responsibility
  • Enhance wildlife habitats
  • Create better soil and water conservation
  • Promote better relationships between industry, community, and natural resource agencies

Wilding Wallbeds is working to create a high-end product without sacrificing conservation and environmental protection efforts. They do this by obtaining their resources through the Hardwood Forestry Fund.

Clean And Green

Wilding Wallbeds makes smart choices in where they buy their materials. They also try to run production with as little waste as possible. By recycling their hardwood and plywood waste, they can reduce their contribution to the landfill. All hardwood waste is turned into mulch. All plywood waste is used to create the pallets that are used during shipment of their Murphy Beds.

Wilding Wallbeds is also compliant with the Zero Emissions standard. The California Air Resources Board issued this standard. The reason is to regulate formaldehyde emissions in any composite wood or plywood products that are sold in California. All of the hardwood plywood panels used in Wilding Wallbeds furniture are CARB compliant. This means more than just compliance for you as the buyer. They use CARB compliant materials. This means the furniture grade plywood used in your bed won’t put off harmful amounts of formaldehyde into the air. You and your loved ones can breathe easy. They only use coatings that have low Volatile Organic Compound levels.

So Much More Than a Bed

This company shows dedication to the safety of its customers and the environment. When you choose Wilding Wallbeds, you’re getting so much more than just a Murphy Bed. You’re making a promise to do your part to be eco-friendly.

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