Murphy Bed For The Most Important Room In Your Home

A lot of people tend to focus on their living room or kitchen when looking at changes to their homes. But, maybe a more important room to work on is your bedroom. After all, people spend more time in their bedroom than any other room in the house. Why not make your bedroom the best it can be? Start with a Murphy Bed.

The bed takes up a large portion of the space in your bedroom. Maybe even up to 80 percent. Now imagine if you could utilize that space without having to move your bed. How much more enjoyable would it be to spend time in that bedroom? If that sounds like something you’d like to find out, there are several great styles of Murphy Bed that can meet a variety of needs. Here are some of the top choices to upgrade the most important room in your home — your bedroom.

The Murphy Bed

These beds are also known as Wall Beds or hide away beds. Many well-known Hollywood productions feature these beds. They have style and provide a bunch of unique ways to have storage in your bedroom. Hide your Murphy Beds in plain sight — disguised as a wall (hence the term wall bed), bookcase, or sofa.

Don’t be intimidated — they are really easy to operate — either manually or electronically. Plus, you don’t have to give up anything when it comes to your sleeping experience or comfort. The mattresses are quite comfortable.

A Murphy Bed is the perfect way to make the most of the space you have in your bedroom. Wilding Wallbeds manufactures the finest version of Murphy Bed on the market today. They do this using the best materials to create the best final product. They build furniture with furniture grade plywood. These strong and durable beds last. A customer service guarantee backs every bed. Wilding strives to exceed customer expectations.

When you choose Wilding Wallbeds for your Murphy Bed, you will have complete control over all aspects of your product. With our Bed Builder, you have the ability to design, quote, get dimensions for, and order a personally configured bed. This relatively new feature is easy to use, informative, and fun to play around with.

The Sofa Bed

The Sofa Murphy Bed is a popular option that is commonly used in contemporary houses to create additional space and seating. This model plays the role of a great spare room bed while doubling as a sofa. This is an ideal option for smaller homes with limited space. The Sofa Bed offers a chic look that is great for any room in the home — including your bedroom. They come in a variety of sizes. They are commonly used in rooms with a need for a guest bed and are also easy to operate so frequent use brings no pain or suffering.

The Disappearing Desk Bed

This functional bed is a solution to any space constraints. Why just solve one space-related issue when you can take care of two or more issues at once? Now you can turn your bedroom into an office to get work done when you aren’t sleeping!

When the bed is in the upright position, you’ll have a large and spacious surface to work on. It’s plenty of room for your computer and other items that you’ll want to have handy. Just pull the bed down when you are ready for a break from getting stuff done. Thanks to a revolutionary hinge system, the desk will stay level at all times — even when you open or close the bed. So there is no need for you to remove your things off of your desk to transition the Disappearing Desk Bed to the sleep position. 

Murphy Beds manufacturing at Wilding Wallbeds

Choosing The Right Size

Size definitely matters when it comes to installing a Murphy Bed in your room. We’re talking about the size of the bed and the size of the room. It is important that you know exactly how much room there is to play within your bedroom before you make any Murphy Bed decisions. Of course, you’ll want to measure the length and width of the bed, but don’t forget about the height. Some people do! A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have at least 50 cm of free space around the bed so you’ll have room to move around the room freely.

Benefits Of A Murphy Bed

Still not convinced that a Murphy Bed is the way to upgrade the most important room in your home? Here are 5 reasons that you ought to consider investing in a Murphy Bed.

  • More space — This is probably the most common reason that people purchase a Murphy Bed. This can make a huge difference in every home. There is no better way to take advantage of the vertical space in your home that most people fail to utilize.
  • It’s easy — The Murphy Bed of today is much easier to use than the original versions. Both lifting mechanisms — spring lift or piston lift — will require close to no effort on your part to get them into the desired position.
  • Great looking — You probably have a look that you desire for a Murphy Bed to go along with the rest of your bedroom and home decor. Not a problem! There are many options for you to choose from such as the wood type and color.
  • Comfort — With a Murphy Bed, we have mattresses that have been specifically designed to maintain their level of comfort, even while being stored in a vertical position for much of the time.  Whether it is for your bedroom or somewhere else in the home for your guests, there will be nothing to worry about when it comes to getting a good night of rest.
  • Double duty — If you really want to take advantage of your Murphy Bed, invest in one that provides a dual function in addition to the great style and look. Who wouldn’t want to have a bed that can transform into a bookcase, desk, sofa, or even home office? Plus, you can get them with extra accessories like power outlets and lights.

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