Meaningful Moments at Welbrook Santa Monica

If you are searching for senior living with specialized care for someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia related conditions, memory care is a great source! Welbrook Santa Monica offers dignified care with a very unique and specific program called Meaningful Moments.

This article will review what that program offers specifically so you can make a more informed decision for your loved one.

Why A Memory Care Community?

Many senior living communities only offer assisted living or respite care. Welbrook Memory Care is a luxury community with an ageless style and dignified care. It is an all memory care community that offers senior living with Alzheimer’s and dementia with a focus on maintaining the dignity and respect.

Specifically, memory care services are intended as long-term residential care for those with memory issues caused by dementia or dementia related diseases. It requires special training and education to provide the proper levels of care for senior living for the resident.

Above all, Welbrook Memory Care is a community specifically and only for memory care. It developed a program called the Meaningful Moments Program to not only meet the physical requirements to stay generally healthy, but to engage and promote cognitive health as well.

For many individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the cognitive changes they experience can make it difficult for caregivers to stimulate their daily activities safely. Caring for a memory care individual outside of a memory care community can often become overwhelming for caregivers and they may experience a decline in their own health to meet the demands.

While changing treatment and functions can be very frustrating. Welbrook Memory Care has created a program specifically to be individualized and central in any stage of dementia. With the unique view of focusing on people instead of caregiver and patient.

image of senior living Santa Monica using science based technology for resident

Meaningful Moments Program

The specifics of the success of the Meaningful Moments Program from Welbrook Memory Care is the multiple programs and aspects that go into it. Their Parallel Programming ensures each resident successfully participates in a program meant for them. Importantly it provides purpose to each resident and listens to their own feelings about their life.

“Welbrook’s Meaningful Moments Program provides supportive engagement, so each resident feels successful in finding purpose and joy.” – Welbrook Santa Monica


Professional training from licensed professionals is provided to the staff at Welbrook Memory Care. The training uses national certification programs to better help you navigate the challenges from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


Welbrook uses apps specifically designed for memory loss. Namely the Sagely app that engages families in the way their loved one is treated. Former caregivers and families can see how daily activities are going for seniors and other services from the memory care community.

Helping Functionality

Residents in memory care communities are going through a difficult and traumatic time. Alzheimer’s and dementia is something that cannot be cured. To counter this fact, Welbrook Memory Care offers senior living a luxury and state-of-the-art community that ensures memory care residents enjoy their time with socialization in Santa Monica. This increases the resident’s quality of life and may help slow and soften the difficulty of the progression of dementia.

Alzheimer’s and dementia’s other forms are understood by Welbrook Memory Care. All of their residents have a form of dementia diagnosed by their medical provider. Their residents are not expected to follow a daily program on their own. Their dedicated staff is there to cue and remind them throughout the day and night.

Many individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s tend to self-isolate. They are constantly encouraged to have social interactions with other residents to help.


Due to the parallels programming, Welbrook memory care has multiple options for activities for their residents to thrive in long-term care. There is a consistent schedule for all their community’s residents to choose from to stay involved and interact with others.

With activities focused on respect and understanding that their changes in ability doesn’t change their status as our elders and as being valued.


Importantly for individuals who maintain high levels of cognition, Welbrook Memory Care offers outdoor time and outings. Some individual health needs need this as well. Trips to the museum or gallery in the Santa Monica, California area are even offered. Others stay at the center where the enclosed courtyards are a safe option for the residents to spend time outside without the concern for wandering.


The community at Welbrook Memory Care has exercise programs indoors. Brain games are also available and utilized to stimulate minds and relaxing experiences like painting are also offered.


Especially for individuals reaching the limit of their cognitive functions, having sensory activities can be stimulating and enjoyable. Listening to music and live performances as well as massage or aromatherapy can be integral to memory care in late stages.

picture of family access with good care detail in Welbrook Santa Monica

Connect With Us

Welbrook Memory Care covets the idea that the person comes first. This mindset influenced everything they do and create. The entire memory care community was designed carefully with the individual’s needs first. They have the Vigil Monitoring System that will monitor individual health needs and prevent wandering so family members can rest at ease their loved one is safe.

The assistance provided can give caregivers and their families respite and ensure their loved one can still get care. Care that they are able to check on and be part of. Their resources for each resident help them be part of a community and receive the best senior care.

If you are looking for a location with amazing security programs, state-of-the-art technology, and real care for all forms of dementia, consider all that is offered here at Welbrook Santa Monica.

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