Looking For a Kubota Dealer in Southeast Idaho?

It seems there is never any shortage of projects to be completed. Whether you’re looking for something to help you landscape your backyard, or begin building your next commercial property, Mountain West Rentals and Sales has the Kubota machine you are looking for.

Kubota – For Earth, For Life

Kubota and its dealers are committed to giving its customers only the best in service and performance. They’ve taken the time and put in the resources to hire the best engineers to create quality components, and design products using the highest of standards. When you are able to experience your first Kubota machine, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone this long without using one of many pieces of convenient equipment to get your jobs done.

Since they introduced their first sub-compact tractor in 1969, it has been the mission of the Kubota Tractor Corporation and Kubota dealers to provide a machine built for excellence. For over 40 years, they have expanded their products to suit a wide variety of agricultural, construction, residential, and commercial needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a gardening expert, a fruitful farmer, or an experienced contractor. Whatever your need, Kubota is looking to fill it.

The Ultimate Construction Vehicles

You won’t need to worry about whether or not you have a large space or tight quarters to work in. There are plenty of options for you to choose from if you are looking for an excavator, a wheel, skid steer, or track loader, or even a backhoe. Whoever said that “less is more” has obviously never needed a machine to tackle the demands of commercial or residential construction or landscaping.

For example, the R630 wheel loader is compatible with a large assortment of attachments. Getting ready to pour a foundation? Get that extra dirt and rock out of the way with a bucket. About to build a fence around your property? Make your job a snap with a post hole digger attachment. Need some serious snow removal? It is no big deal with a snow pusher attachment. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the projects you can complete.

When it comes to getting work done around your yard or garden, there is no better tool in your arsenal than a mini excavator. As a Kubota dealer, we have seen an endless amount of projects completed with our U Series compact excavators. The U Series provides the convenience and durability of a full sized excavator while being able to move in small spaces. If you need to move around in your side or back yard, this is the machine for you. You won’t have to worry about hitting the side of your house or your fence. Kubota has a long list of attachments that have been produced with only the highest quality and productivity in mind. Available attachments are:

  • Trenching buckets – Used for moderate to heavy soil with plenty of loose rock.
  • Ditch cleaning/grading buckets – Perfect for maintaining your ditches, construction, and finish work. They are designed with extra reinforcement and a longer work life.
  • Cemetery buckets – This bucket not only digs graves, but is a perfect tool for any project that requires straight, vertical walls dug in the ground.
  • Hydraulic breakers – Great for demolition day.
  • Frost rippers – If you need to rip through frozen ground, cut through tree roots, or remove stumps and rebar, this is the attachment you need.
  • Grapples – This versatile attachment works wonders for handling rocks, brush, and demolition debris.
  • Compactors – Ideal for all sorts of compaction needs, including trench, slope, and excavation. There are attachments perfect for waste compaction as well.

Kubota also has a large line of mowers suited for both commercial and residential purposes. Manufactured in the USA, these mowers are all built with precision and durability in mind. Each mower comes equipped with its own powerful motor and reliable equipment. After using any of these zero-turn, stand-on, walk-behind, or front mounted mowers you’ll see lawn care as more of a pleasurable experience instead of a chore.

Projects You Can Accomplish With Kubota Equipment

Jobs you can do with a mini excavator include:

  • Landscape Development – Cleaning up debris, plants, and other unwanted materials will be a snap. There are a variety of machines for the job, such as excavators, loaders, and mowers. It doesn’t matter if you are just giving your property a touch up, or a complete overhaul. You can easily tackle farmland, vacant lots, construction sites, and any other commercial or residential property.
  • Road Building – Much of Southeast Idaho is very rural. Dirt and gravel roads are necessary to reach barns, ranches, and cabins. We can provide you with the right type of equipment to create or repair roads and drainage ditches.
  • Snow Removal – Need we say more? Snow is something that seems to come as many as 7 months a year around here. Many businesses are required to remove both snow and ice from the property to avoid hefty fines or possible lawsuits. Ranches or other properties with long driveways or access roads can also benefit from our machinery. What used to be a long and grueling task can turn into a quick and effortless experience.
  • Lawn & Garden – Large or small, it doesn’t matter to us. We understand that pride that comes from having a well maintained lawn or commercial property. We want to help. We have the equipment to help you cut sod, mow lawns, remove tree stumps, and so many other projects.
  • Construction – Construction projects can be stressful, and require equipment that is both safe and reliable. Kubota steps it up a notch by providing equipment that meets your safety and reliability needs and makes your time spent more efficient. What’s that saying? Work smarter, not harder.
  • Dirt & Concrete – As a Kubota dealer, we have access to tough machinery designed to take on tough jobs. We have the equipment to break up concrete, move large amounts of dirt in or out of an area, and to mix and lay concrete.
  • Residential Construction and/or Restoration – We have a large line of rental equipment to help you tackle any project you have around the house. Tasks like new flooring, framing, and installing drywall will be a breeze with our many different products.

No matter the project you’re trying to tackle, Mountain West Rentals and Sales has the Kubota machine to fit your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with equipment that is convenient, reliable, and built to meet your highest expectations. If you have a task in mind, we can help you find the right piece of machinery to get to work.

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