Legal & Illegal Firearm Modifications

In Missouri, it doesn’t take much to own a gun. As one of the most lenient states when it comes to gun laws, there are many Missouri citizens who own and carry a gun. Although, that doesn’t mean that all guns including various modifications that can be done to a gun are legal in Missouri. For some people, they may not even know that a certain modification that was done to their legal firearm has now made it an illegal weapon in Springfield. This is why it’s critical to understand what modifications and accessories are legal and illegal for guns in the state of Missouri. This is especially helpful knowledge if a person is facing Springfield illegal weapons charges.

Find out the requirements for gun ownership in Missouri, here.

If you or a loved one is facing illegal weapons charges in Springfield for an alleged illegal weapon or modification contact Missouri Legal today. Our experienced Springfield firearm attorneys can help find a solution to get the charges you may be facing reduced or dismissed entirely.

Below you’ll find information about what modifications are legal to do to your gun and which modifications are not.

Gun Modifications That Are Legal

AR-15 at shooting range - illegal weapons charges in Springfield

Many gun owners take pride in their firearms, so it makes sense that most gun owners like to modify or customize their guns in one way or another. Since customizations and modifications are so prominent among gun owners, several gun modifications are legal across the United States. However, most of the legal changes that gun owners may do to their firearms are purely cosmetic. The following *modifications are legal across the United States :

  • Cosmetic Modifications – Changes like custom woodwork and metal engravings are cosmetic alterations that are perfectly legal in Missouri. A gun owner can also change the sight on their gun.
  • Caliber Conversions – Re-barreling or re-chamber a gun to a different caliber.
  • Accurizing – Changes can be made to your firearm to increase the overall accuracy.
  • Operating Mechanism Conversions – Like changing a handgun into a rifle. This is usually done by professionals.
  • Sporterizing – Altering a military grade weapon for personal use.

*It should be noted that most all customizations and modifications that are performed on a gun should be done by a professional. Going to a professional ensures that your modifications will be legal, thus helping to avoid any potential Springfield weapons charges.

Gun Modifications That Are Illegal

Illegally modifying a gun in the United States is a serious crime. With both the federally mandated National Firearms and Gun Control Act in place, this is is not a law you want to break, no matter where you live in the U.S. If charged with illegal weapons charges in Springfield contact a firearm attorney in Springfield today. They can help you to navigate the process and will fight aggressively for your rights. In the meantime, the following are all illegal gun modifications:

  • Butt Stock on a Pistol – Modifying a pistol with a buttstock is illegal because once a buttstock is placed on the pistol it becomes an illegal short barreled rifle. According to this article from Off The Grid News, the reason is the pistol was designed to be fired from the hand, not shoulder. By adding a buttstock you change its characteristics.
  • A Silencer – Though not a federal law, in Missouri own a silencer for a firearm is illegal.
  • Fore Grip on a Pistol – Putting a foregrip on a pistol is not technically illegal but it’s still something that should be avoided by gun owners. Even though there is no current law on this, place a foregrip on a pistol creates a new weapon, one that you may have to explain in court. Avoid illegal weapons charges in Springfield, by not adding this modification.
  • Bump Stock – Bump stocks which are a gun modification that mimics machine guns, are illegal as of March 26, 2019. The push to make these modifications illegal is due in part to the devasting Las Vegas shooting that occurred in October of 2017.

Other modifications that are illegal include:

  • Shotguns and Rifles shorter than 26 inches in total
  • Shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches
  • Rifles with barrels less than 16 inches
  • Changing a firearm over .50 caliber to a fixed cartridge
  • Turning any firearm into a machine gun

A Springfield Firearm Attorney Can Help

If you’re facing illegal weapons charges in Springfield, it is essential to your future that you hire an experienced Springfield firearm lawyer. The penalties for illegal weapons convictions are high and start as a Class B Misdemeanor and go all the way up to a Class A Felony; a conviction that can carry life imprisonment. Protect yourself and your future by contacting the law office of Missouri Legal today. Our experienced team will do everything in our power to fight the charges you are facing.

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