Is There A Dentist In Tucson That Accepts Payments?

The need for dental work never seems to be convenient does it? Whenever we least expect the expense, it’ll pop up and throw our budget all out of whack. When you’re working hard to save and build the future for you and your family, it can be painful to fork over the money for dental work. We’ve all been hit with it multiple times. Even with insurance, the deductibles we are required to cover can just be too much to swallow at one time. Twice in the last year I’ve already been hit with unexpected medical expenses, and it’s no fun. That’s why it’s so important to find a good dentist in Tucson that is willing to take payments!

How Do I Know If The Dentist Takes Payments?

Almost any dentist in Tucson is going to be upfront about whether or not they take payments. Most often the information can be found under a financing section of their website. But if after checking the website you are still not sure, It’ll never hurt you to call! The receptionists at the front desk deal with questions like these all the time, and are quite knowledgeable! They will help you through the process step by step, and educate you on the many different offerings. Dentists that work in association with companies like Care credit, and Surepay are on the definite yes list when it comes to accepting payments. 

Should I Sign Up For A Payment Plan At A Dentist In Tucson?

This particular question may be best left to a financial planner, but I will answer it to the best of my abilities. If you were to meet with a financial advisor and ask them this question they would say undoubtedly yes. Whether you can make the payment in full or not. Their reasoning being, that though you may need to make payments on interest, you can use the leftover money to make more than the amount lost to interest by investing it. This can be a wonderful strategy for establishing your own financial security, But it may not be the most comfortable option for many. If you’re like me, it’s likely you’d rather just have the expense out of the way. This bulk payment method has its benefits as well however! If you decide to pay it all in one bulk payment, often the offices are more than happy to throw a discount in the mix for you. Though the percentage discount may not be much, This can save you hundreds of dollars! The downside to this tactic is that it still leaves a significantly larger dent in the bank account.

How Do I Sign Up To Make Payments?

If you’ve decided the payment route is the way for you, then the next step is signing up! The process for arranging to make payments differs from dentist to dentist in Tucson. But you can count on it being an easy process! Some dentists will require you to work through a 3rd party like Surepay. But in other offices, it’s as simple as asking if you can set up a payment plan for your services! If you work through a 3rd party, be aware that they are going to have their own terms and conditions. As an example, Surepay has a minimum treatment charge of $300 dollars. Just be sure to evaluate all your options before you jump on the bandwagon with one of these third party businesses!

Wilmot Family Dentistry

The one dentist in Tucson that we’d recommend especially for their payment options is Wilmot Family Dentistry. Located at 899 N Wilmot Rd #2 in Tucson, they are a local and conveniently accessed office. The Dentist and staff there are incredibly skilled, with years of experience. Finally and most importantly, they are one of the best offices around when it comes to taking payments. If they can’t set up a payment plan with you directly, they will help you get set up with a third party business. It’s their attention to detail and care for their patients that really sets them apart at this location. Whether you decide that payments are for you or not, the folks at Wilmot will take good care of you!

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