In-Home Dog Boarding: Make it or Break it

A man’s best friend, A fluffy friend, and a cuddle buddy on rainy days. We love our dogs and we’d do anything to not only protect them, but make them happy. With an average of only 10 to 13 years, we try to give our furry friends the best life they could possibly have. It can be tough to have our dogs best interests in mind though when the joy of owning a dog can sometimes become a hassle. Often we leave our homes, carrying out our own lives, going to work, and we can’t always be around our dogs. Leaving them at the advantage to be disruptive or destructive when left alone.

When we find destruction caused by our animals, it can often stir up emotions of being upset or angry with them. Let’s focus more on the incident instead of what may have caused the dog to act out in the first place. A dog acting out can often be a sign of either the animal not being properly house trained or it could be a sign of the animal being in distress.

A dog in distress can be compared to how a young child feels when they are going to the school for the first time. They don’t want you to leave, nor to be alone. It can simply be put as separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety occurs when the guardian(s) depart from the dog, triggering the anxiety of being separated from the people they are attached to.

How exactly, though, do you know if your dog is experiencing separation anxiety? Common symptoms can come down to:

  • Urinating around the house while you are gone
  • consistent barking and howling triggered by being left alone
  • Destructive behaviors such as chewing on objects
  • digging at doors and doorways
  • destroying household objects when left alone

    Lastly and more commonly know is your doing trying to or accomplishing escaping your home. They could have the idea in mind of trying to find or go to you but not knowing where you are which could result in self-injury.

In this scenario many owners may not know to do to help their dog and it can be a struggling process. Making a choice own what process to go through to help your dog be more comfortable without the trouble can be easy with the right amount of research and education on the matter.

You could go with your average kennel facilities. They can offer services to train your dog, overnight stays, daycare, etc. While this may seem like the right choice, make sure to check all the facts on the process. In Mass Boarding kennel facilities, some dogs don’t do well in a kennel environment. It can feel as though they are trapped or being punished. They may not eat as much during their stay because their anxiety can reach a very high level. Many kennels are old and in need of major upgrades, causing a harmful environment for your pet. With Kennel facilities, pets are more prone to contracting and being exposed to infections and viruses such as kennel cough, distemper, and intestinal parasites. Now with that being said, not all Kennel Facilities are bad, just be sure to check all your options and resources.

In-Home Dog Boarding

With more options available to pet owners in the modern age today, In-Home Dog Boarding is by far one of the more safer and healthier options for your dog. In-Home Dog Boarding works like this: Pet owners search for a registered home nearby, namely through national website services catering to this need. It’s 24-hour care in the hands of trusted professional for an affordable rate. Your dog would be receiving a healthier connection with more one-on-one time with their caretakers while you are away. With the fear that comes with leaving your dog with a stranger while you are away, ease your mind with in-home boarding sites that are free to browse.

Most websites offer background checks on canine hosts to ensure they are qualified to watch your dog. When you do find a sitter or host that meets your qualifications, you can work with the service to connect with the sitter and ensure that the potential dog watcher is a good fit for not only you but your dog as well. Some sites also allow the option of the sitter staying in your home to watch your dog for dogs that would be more comfortable with surroundings that they know.

In-home pet boarding services offer dog’s individual attention, regular walks, trips to the park, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household. They can also keep up with your pet’s regular routine ,including eating schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities, and daily exercise requirements, all the more to make your furry companion feel right at home.

Even if your dog isn’t the easiest to handle, you would have the option of in-home pet boarding with a professional trainer.

If you do opt. for dog boarding in which provides training for your dog, it’s important to keep up the training. Give your dog jobs to do such as:

  • 30 Minutes of exercising time for your dog to release some of the energy they might have. Try to do these exercises before you leave to help relax them.
  • A classic job: Have your dog fetch the newspaper. If you don’t read the newspaper, you could still set one out every morning to have your dog receive.
  • While on a walk, have your dog carry a small backpack. Not only will it tire your dog out for relaxation at home but it will give them a sense of purpose.
  • Interact with your dog! Play fun games such as tug-a-war or fetch.
  • Take your dog on daily walks and outings. Switch it up every once in a while to give your dog new sights and smells.
  • If your dog gets along with other dogs, allow them to play alongside off-leash with other dogs.
  • Have a reward system but don’t spoil them. It’s important that your dog knows when their behaviors are good but also that good things have rewards.
In-Home Dog Boarding

Having your dog’s best interests in mind is always a good thing. You want your dog to be happy and give them the best experiences and interactions they can have while they around. You also want your dog to not only enjoy these experience and interactions but to have a healthy surrounding and wellbeing. You want what’s best for them. Giving them the right care can go a long way in their life and provide them with a sense of love and compassion. Give your dog the happiness and love that not only they deserve but what you deserve as well. Happy dog, Happy life.

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