How To Stay Cool At The Office This Summer

With the heat turning up, it is important to have a summer office outfit that keeps you cool and professional. On the way to the office, you do not want to be in a summer office outfit that causes you to sweat like crazy. Also, you don’t want to find yourself on the other end of the spectrum, meaning not wearing enough clothes. When it comes to finding the perfect office outfit that can keep you cooler, you should focus on material and fit. Simply Fate Clothing has all the clothing you would need to look professional and be comfortable during those hot summer months. Shop now to find the modest summer dresses and office wear that you need.

Summer Material for Office Outfits

model in long maxi skirt with white t-shirt - modest summer clothes

Material is Queen in keeping you cool during those summer months at the office. You want to be able to maintain a professional look while not burning up during the heat of summer. Certain materials will allow you to maintain that professional look and keep you cool. Finding a material that can breathe well is key. Who What Wear has discussed some of the materials that should be used in summer office outfits as well as materials that you should try to avoid. The materials that will benefit you the most during the summer include:

  • Cotton – Cotton can be found in summer dresses and many blouses. The perk that you get from cotton is its breathability. Having a material that can breathe, will keep you working comfortably all summer.
  • Linen – Linen is also a great alternative to cotton. It breathes well and is a comfortable fabric.
  • Chambray – Chambray is a denim substitute. It has the appearance of denim but in a lighter weight material. This allows you to still have your wonderful denim appearance and with a summer feel.
  • Jersey – Jersey can be some of the best material for modest summer clothes. It is flexible and will be free-flowing. This will allow you to feel refreshed during the workday.
  • Wool – Wool can come in a variety of forms. There are cold weather wools as well as summer blends. Merino wool can handle all types of heat. It breathes well while removing moisture from your skin.

Summer materials, like those discussed above, are lightweight and breathable. While at the office you should be comfortable. Days at the office are hard enough. You should not have to worry about being overheated during your workday. To maintain comfort during the workday, there are certain summer office outfit materials that you should avoid.

Materials to Avoid During the Summer

There are some materials that should be avoided during the summer months. These materials tend to not breathe and will not wick moisture away from your skin.

  • Nylon – Nylon was created to repel water. Materials that repel water usually trap heat and will not wick moisture. This will make you sweat more than you should and the sweat will not be absorbed by the material. This is a great material for colder, wet weather.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl is similar to nylon. It is a synthetic material that was created for a specific purpose and that purpose is not a summer office outfit. Vinyl will trap heat and not allow your body to breathe.
  • Fleece – Fleece is something most of us know is a cold weather material. It was created to trap heat and keep the body warm. Avoiding fleece will keep you comfortable.

Looking great and being comfortable will help you succeed in your career. Knowing the materials that will get you to that comfort can help you look professional in the hottest months of the year.

Colors to Consider in the Summer

model in mustard yellow boho embroidered top - modest summer clothes

The color of the summer office outfit is almost as important as the material that it is made of. You should pick a color that does not show sweat spots. Any dark color of the material is prone to show sweat more than a light color material. Clothes that have a pattern are fantastic at camouflaging sweat spots. Layering your clothes is another great way to avoid this.

Darker colored clothes may make you more prone to sweating. Dark clothes will absorb the sunlight causing your body to overheat, which will lead to sweating. Lighter colored clothes will reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cooler during those bright, sunny days.

In addition to color, a more free-flowing blouse or dress will provide breathability and comfort. Some tighter fitting skirts or dresses may be uncomfortable and not allow air to circulate. Simply Fate Clothing has the colors, fit, and materials that you need to get you through the workday.

Which Simply Fate Clothing outfit should you consider for your summer office outfit?

There are many office outfits that you can find at Simply Fate Clothing. Creating outfits for the summer that take into consideration the above information for summer clothing, will have you looking and feeling great during those long summer days. Three outfits that can have you looking great are the following:

  1. Loose fitting tops with floral or geometric patterns -These tops will keep you cool and professional. The patterns will conceal any wet spots from sweat or rain. Blouses from Simply Fate Clothing are modern and fun while maintaining a professional look. With these blouses, you will get comfort and beauty in one.
  2. Dresses – From midi to maxi dresses, all our dresses come in many shapes and sizes.  These dresses are so comfortable you will want to live in them. They are a nice addition to your office wardrobe. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. A flowy and forgiving dress would be an excellent option for those spring and summer months.
  3. Pencil skirts – You can match any of the blouses with the skirts. It is a good idea to pick the blouse that you want to wear and then match it to the skirt. Skirts allow you more freedom to mix and match your top and skirt, unlike a one-piece dress.

There are many options to choose from at Simply Fate Clothing. The prices are hard to beat. You get quality and a modest, modern look. Whether you are going in for an interview or have been at your job for many years, there is an outfit for you. The clothing is comfortable and designed to take the heat that you will experience during those long summer months. Keeping in mind the material and fit of the clothing will help you pick the most comfortable office outfits.  

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