How To Plan a Fishing Trip

Find the Right Time & Location

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

First and foremost, you have to decide where you’re going to be fishing. You want to find a spot that’s near a campground with showers and bathrooms if possible. 

Many of the best fishing spots are well into the woods and off the beaten trail, so be sure you and your buddies are ready to do some hiking if necessary.

Also, check local weather conditions – you don’t want to get there only to be rained on or have to endure high winds that make fishing all but impossible.

Pack Your Gear & Supplies

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

Start with a checklist.

In fact, it’s a good idea to have everyone set up their own checklist built around a general list that includes all the essentials. Then, others can add to it as they see fit. 

As you all add items, check them off. Before you leave, check everyone’s list and make sure they have everything.

Consider Whether or Not to Bring a Drift Boat

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

Wade fishing can be great and all, but sometimes the best fishing spots are out on the lake or river. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to bring a drift boat.

Don’t have one? Not sure where to start? 

There are a number of factors to keep in mind before purchasing your first drift boat. You want the right boat for the kind of conditions you’ll be facing. There are also different materials – plastic, wood, or fiberglass – to decide on.

Consider Which Species You’ll Be Looking For

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

You want to bring the right tackle. There’s no point in showing up to a river or lake with tackle that’s too big or too small for the kind of fish you’re looking for. In other words, if you’re going to a spot inhabited by bass, you don’t want to bring bait for catfish.

You can check your local fishing reports to find out what you’re likely to find at any given fishing spot 

Also, it never hurts to do some research on the best tackle and techniques to catch specific kinds of fish.

Get Set Up

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

Find the best spot to set up camp and put up your tents, tables, and establish a spot for a fire pit (if there isn’t one already).

Be sure to lock up all of your food. It’s a good idea to suspend it from a tall branch. You don’t want any wild animals eating your food at night while you sleep.

It also never hurts to bring along some things for entertainment while you’re not fishing, like cards, dice, horseshoes, etc.

Get Out On the Water and Have Some Fun!

How To Plan a Fishing Trip

Don’t turn the fishing trip into a big competition. Catching the most or the biggest fish is always a point of pride and offers bragging rights, but remember the main point of the whole trip – to have fun and get away from life’s demands for a little while.

And remember: leave your camping spot as you found it!

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