Facing Repercussions For an MIP? We Can Help

Minor consumption in Springfield is prominent, at Missouri Legal, we want to eliminate or limit those repercussions on you. We want to make you aware of the consequences to prevent you from consuming alcohol below 21 years of age. Or if you were to catch MIP (Minor in Possession) charges, we can help. 

We all have our fun while we are young, but sometimes that fun can turn into a lifetime of backlash. First, let’s start with what not to do: in Missouri, anyone under the age of 21 is NOT allowed to consume, buy, or attempt to purchase alcohol. This is stated better in; Mo. Rev. Stat. § 311.325.1. If you find yourself doing any of these, there could be many consequences:

First Minor Consumption Offense

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For your first offense, it can result in a fine of $300 and have your driving license suspended. A charge for MIP will follow you in life; most report it will stay on your record for at least five years after conviction. If you get charged at 18, a federal misdemeanor will remain attached to you until you are at least 23. Minor consumption in Springfield could impact getting an apartment or a job, rise in car insurance prices, and you may have to attend rehabilitation classes. Not only will you get a MIP, while you were under the influence, but you may also cause damage to property or hurt someone else, and they could press charges. That could stack on top of you and turn into a felony charge. No one wants that. 

Second Minor Consumption Offense

For a second offense MIP, you could be looking at $1,000 in fines, and up to 1 year in jail, a Springfield minor consumption attorney can help lower these fines and jail days. For those who are working at a job that requires you to serve alcohol, don’t worry; in the state of Missouri, you can be 18 or older and serve alcohol. Let’s say you get a fake ID to get into a party and it failed, you will be charged with up to a $2,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail, along with your MIP. The safest thing to do is avoid alcohol before you are 21 if you find yourself at a party, leave, it’s the best thing to do for your future. If you do happen to get MIP charges, find us at Missouri Legal and see how we can help.

How A Springfield MIP Attorney Can Help

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When choosing a Springfield minor consumption attorney, choose us, we are experts in our field and can help mitigate your expenses. We will be able to give legal advice about the situation you are in. You need to help us understand things from your end so we can do our best to help you. 

Depending on the situation you are in will depend on how we can help. If this is the first time having a charge against you regarding minor consumption of alcohol, we can help limit the fines you will pay and help you get the charge off of your record as soon as possible. If this is your second charge of minor consumption, we can help limit fines and jail time. We can do this because we are experts in our field, and we know the law specifically for Missouri, and we know the opposing counsel and the judge. Having an experienced minor consumption attorney on your side will significantly improve your chances of coming out with a better situation than what you came into it with. If you find yourself in a position where legal action is taken, reach out to us at Missouri Legal.

If you are under 21, you should stay far away from alcohol and the side effects that come with it, such as damage to property and assault charges. If you did happen to face the consequences of wanting to have a little extra fun while being a minor, we hope that you choose our expertise. We strive to be the first choice in Springfield for minor consumption attorneys.

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