7 Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Power Lift Chair

As we grow old, sitting down and standing up from a sofa becomes difficult. The good news is that a power lift chair makes it easy to sit down or rise from a seated position. However, lift chairs come in different quality, meaning that you need to gather enough information to help you buy a product that suits your needs.

When buying a lift chair, you have dozens of factors to consider. This buying guide will help you narrow down your options to the best power lift recliner that suits your needs. But first, let’s find out how a power lift recliner works.

How Does a Power Lift Recliner work?

Power Lift Recliner

A power lift chair is a seat that reclines at different angles to help a person easily get to a standing position. A power recliner chair has a lifting mechanism that adjusts the seat’s angle at different heights to bring the user to an upright position. Other chairs use a powerful technology you can operate with remote control.

With several recline positions, most power lift chairs work both ways. The power lift function helps you to get up with ease as well as sit down without bending. The elderly with weak joints can leverage power lift recliners, which help them sit or stand without putting a lot of pressure on their backs and knees.

Best of all, a power lift recliner chair comes with backrest and footrest features, that take relaxing to the next level. Depending on the chair’s number of reclining positions, you can easily convert it into a bed.

Buyer's Guide: Essential Things to Consider When Buying a Reclining Lift Chair

When looking to buy the best power lift recliners, you have to consider several essential factors and chair features that help you buy the right product. After all, you don’t want to buy a lift chair that doesn’t fit your body size or health conditions. The following considerations will help you buy the best lift chair that meets your needs.

1. What Type of Power Lift Chair Are You Looking For?

The basic feature that distinguishes power lift recliners is the recline position. It determines what the chair can do in terms of adjusting angles or positions. All lift reclining seats can adjust vertically. What sets them apart is the horizontal adjustment. That said, your right lift recliner falls in one of the following categories.

2-Position Recliners

A 2-position lift recliner is right for you if want a chair that doesn’t fully recline. The recline angle is about 45 degrees and brings you to a comfortable position to read a book or watch television. Since a 2-position recliner reclines only to about 45 degrees angle, it’s not the right choice if you want a lift chair you can sleep on.

3-Position Recliners

3-position lift recliners lean further back than 2-position recliners. This chair reclines to about 180 degrees, which is a flat position. If you’re looking for a comfy lift chair to relax and sleep on, a 3-position recliner suits you best.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Infinite position recliners are the most versatile. They can recline to a parallel position to the floor, making them suitable for sleeping. Even better, infinite position recliners allow you to move to the position of zero gravity.

This position keeps your thighs and lower legs higher than other body parts. As a result, you reduce the pressure on your spine, eliminating the discomfort of back pain.

2. The Lift Chair's Weight Capacity

Each lift recliner has a specific weight capacity that defines who can efficiently use the chair. Before buying a lift recliner, ensure your body weight doesn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the lift recliner. After all, you want your lift recliner to last for a long time and ensure that you don’t violate the warranty policies.

3. What Size Fits You Well?

Power lift seats are available in various sizes including, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Make sure you buy a chair with the right seat-to-floor height.

If the floor-seat height is too long, your feet will hang above the floor and cause discomfort. If it’s too short, you will experience discomfort on your knees. This height should fit the length from your foot to above the back of your knees. The seat should also support the length of the thighs and buttocks to avoid pressure on the knees.

3 Position Power Lift Recliner

4. What Size and Fabric Do You Prefer?

With dozens of power recliners on the market, you have plenty of styles and fabrics to choose from. Whether you want a chair with a fully padded chaise and a biscuit back or a recliner with a button back, choose what suits your design taste. For example, you can pick a recliner whose design matches your house’s interior or furniture.

5. Do You Prefer Heat and Massage Functionalities?

Heating and massage features in a power recliner take relaxation to the next level. You can leverage massage and heating features to soothe aching muscles, and increase the comfort you get from your chair. A recliner with massage and heat options is the right choice if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

6. Do You Want Cup Holders on Your Recliner?

Recliners with cup holders let you relax while enjoying your favorite drinks. You get to adjust angles without worrying about spilling a drink on the chair.

7. Consider Buying Your Power Lift Recliner From the Right Supplier

Where you buy your recliner determines the quality you get. The market has a lot of sellers who lie that their products are durable. If you aren’t careful enough, you will buy a recliner that breaks down a week or month after the initial purchase.

For this reason, you should be thorough when evaluating your options. Ensure you buy only from sellers you can trust. Here are some quick ways to determine the right seller to buy your recliner.

Check testimonials on the seller’s site

Testimonials will show you the experience of other buyers, which you can use to decide whether the product is right for you. However, be wary of false testimonials that some suppliers use to attract buyers.

How long has the seller been in the industry?

A seller with long experience in the industry is more likely to sell you the right products than a supplier new in the industry.

Evaluate your options

Don’t buy your recliner from the first seller you meet. Instead, shortlist several suppliers based on the quality of their customer service, product quality, and prices. Then, narrow down your options to the seller whose prices fall within your budget.

Buy Your Power Lift Recliner From Choice Mobility

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