DIY Room Decor

When it comes to decorating any room in your home, of course, you are going to want it to fit your style and needs. An easy way to decorate with items that suit your personality is to DIY. Any room can be personalized easily when you do it yourself. When it is done right, DIY room decor can be a budget-friendly option for decorating your home or room.

DIY projects can also be fun and very rewarding when done. It is important that you begin to figure out things like your budget and the amount of space you have before starting your project. When you know what you can afford and what all you can make, it is easy to start planning out the decorations you want to make. Pre-planning your DIY projects also helps you to know how many and what materials you need. This makes it easier to start and finish your DIY room decor projects.

There is a giant amount of DIY room decoration projects that can be done by basically any skill level. If you plan right, you can figure out how to make your DIY home decor project fit into your budget better. Some DIY projects that are easy to do and will be great for decorating your home are:

DIY Murphy Beds

woman demonstrates Murphy Bed
A Murphy Bed can transform any room in your home!

Murphy Beds can be more challenging to DIY, but it can end up being worth the money you can save by doing them yourself — if you do it right. You can also DIY a Murphy Bed that you already own. Adding shelving to your Murphy Bed can be a great way to optimize on space and add more decoration to your space.

Another way to make your Murphy Bed fit into your space and match with your theme or color scheme is to add a painting or mirror to the back of it. A large mirror can help your room look like it has more space. A painting, or even a collage of photos, on the back of your Murphy Bed can help add color and personality to your home. When you do it yourself when it comes to decorating your Murphy Bed, it is a lot easier to make it more space efficient in the way you want. It is also a lot more cost efficient when compared to buying a Murphy Bed that already comes with shelving.


Art is extremely easy to DIY no matter how unskilled or skilled you happen to be. There are many types of art that can be made with minimal spending and hassle. Paintings, sculptures, pictures, and recoloring are great places to start for your DIY room decorations. Even if you are not skilled in the arts, there are still many fun DIY art projects you can successfully create. Many geometric art pieces can be done by someone of any skill level using a variety of different materials. All you need to have on hand is some paint to customize and match the color scheme of your room and your DIY art project is on the way to being a success.

DIY Pillows

DIY pillows can be a fun way to decorate your living space. Materials are inexpensive and there’s a variety of shapes, colors, and designs you can use to personalize your home. Whether they are for your Murphy Bed or your couch, handmade pillows are a simple way to DIY your room decor. Pillows are actually fairly easy to make and do not require too much skill. As long as you know the basics of sewing, you will not have any trouble with a DIY pillow project. Pillowcases are equally easy to DIY. Things like dying your pillowcase a certain color and tie-dyeing patterns into it can be a cool way to match your pillows to your bed or couch. You can add a certain design or things like sequins and jewels to your pillow to make it stand out even more.

DIY Lights

Lights can be used in your DIY room decor project in a lot of ways. Creating new lamp shades or recoloring can be good ways to color coordinate. Creating cute and unique covers for string lights can also be a great way to decorate your bedroom or living room. Another fun DIY light project you can use in and outside of your home is lanterns. A simple way to make lantern lights is adding paper cups over the lights, then designing and coloring them.

DIY Storage Space

A practical and great accessory to any room in your home can be DIY shelving and storage. Storage space is something you can never get enough of, and shelving is an efficient way to display knick-knacks and access without taking up important space. A neat place to build your shelving is on the bottom of your Murphy Bed. If you are using your Murphy Bed as a guest bed or spare room, turning it into a shelving space when the bed is not in use is a great idea. You can also redo old makeup and jewelry containers. Adding new textures to your containers, like glitter or tissue paper, can be a fun way to redesign preexisting storage. You can also easily redecorate by using paints and tapes.

DIY Furniture

furniture in apartment
There are endless options for DIY room decor to match your furniture.

A fun and challenging DIY room decor project can be furniture for your home and rooms. Mirrors and picture frames are some of the less challenging furniture DIY projects. Repainting and adding designs can add more of your style into your furniture. A fun DIY project that you can try yourself at home is a DIY pin board. All you would need is notice board, paints to customize and match to your color scheme, and decorative papers or tapes to bring it all together. You can also DIY your home decor with the furniture you already own by changing fabrics, paints, and textures.

DIY Home Accents

DIY home accents are incredibly easy to make. When it comes to making your DIY home accents, it is really just up to how creative you are at coming up with designs and ideas, and the type of theme or color scheme you think fits you and your home the best. You can make cute knick-knacks to fill up empty shelving to decorate with. You can even make art pieces and photo collages to fill up space on an empty part of your wall in your home. Home accents can also help you to bring a theme or color for your DIY room decor together.

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