Buying A Wheelchair-Accessible Table

A wheelchair-accessible table is a type of table that is designed to be easily used by people who use wheelchairs. It typically has features such as height adjustability, an open bottom for easy wheelchair access and a stable base to prevent tipping. The goal of a wheelchair-accessible table is to provide a comfortable and safe space for people with disabilities to work, eat or participate in various activities independently and without limitations.

We will look at The Inclusion Table in this article. It is an ADA approved table that brings people together for many reasons.

Accessibility and Inclusion

A wheelchair-accessible table is an important tool for promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. By providing a table that is designed specifically for wheelchair users, it helps to eliminate barriers and create a more inclusive environment no matter where you place the table.

Accessibility is about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has equal access to spaces, products, and services. The Inclusion Table is designed to be easy to use and comfortable for people who use wheelchairs. It has a very stable frame and base to prevent tipping, an open bottom for smooth wheelchair access, and is height-adjustable to accommodate different wheelchair heights. These design features help to ensure that the table is accessible and usable for everyone.

standard tables sometimes don't offer enough room excluding students from a project at school

Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and included. By providing a wheelchair-accessible table, it sends a message that people with disabilities are welcome and valued in that space. It also helps to ensure that everyone can fit in and participate in projects together, regardless of their abilities.

In addition, having a wheelchair-accessible table can also help to reduce the stigma and social isolation that people with disabilities may experience. By providing a table that is designed for wheelchair users, it helps to normalize the use of mobility aids and create a more accepting and inclusive environment.

Overall, accessible tables are an important tool for promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. It helps to ensure that everyone has equal access to spaces and activities, and creates a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

Benefits of Wheelchair-Accessible Tables

Now that you may have an idea what a wheelchair-accessible table is, there are several benefits to buying one, including:

  • Increased independence: A wheelchair-accessible table allows people with disabilities enough room to perform tasks independently, such as eating, working, or participating in hobbies. This can greatly enhance their quality of life and reduce their reliance on others for assistance.
  • Improved accessibility: These tables ensure that everyone has equal access to the table, regardless of their abilities. It helps to eliminate barriers and promote inclusivity, which is important for building a more equitable and diverse society.
  • Comfort and safety: Accessible tables provide a comfortable and safe space for people with disabilities to work or eat without fear of falling or tipping over. It is designed to be stable and durable, which helps to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Customizability: Wheelchair-accessible tables can often be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual user. For example, they may be height-adjustable or have a tilting top for improved visibility and reachability.
children that go to school with different sizes and styles of wheelchairs seat at the same table

Overall, purchasing wheelchair-accessible tables can help to promote independence, accessibility, comfort, and safety for people with disabilities. It is an important investment in the health and well-being of individuals and the broader community. These tables can be really helpful in school cafeterias, classrooms and media centers. Other places that would benefit from having these tables are: hospitals, libraries, nursing homes and much more.

Design and Features

Specifically, The Inclusion Table offers a unique setting where multiple wheelchairs can seat at the same table and offers features like:

  • Height adjustability: The Inclusion Table can be adjusted to the height of the wheelchair, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic use while holding a lot of weight on the tabletop surface.
  • Accessibility features: The Inclusion Table includes features an open bottom, allowing for wheelchair access with ease, or a tilting top for improved visibility and reachability.
  • Durability and stability: The Inclusion Table was specifically designed to be durable and stable to prevent tipping or wobbling.

The Inclusion table was engineered for the best possible experience for all. It is a 4′ x 4′ table with four individual sections with a tabletop surface that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally independent of one another with two hand toggles at each table section for quick and simple adjustments. The solid frame is engineered not to tip and allow tabletop surface adjustments to be made will little effort.

Purchasing A Wheelchair-Accessible Table

There are many selection options for ADA compliant tables available for purchase. The Inclusion table has a great plan available for their unique tables.

The Inclusion Table is now accepting pre-orders with a minimum 50% deposit with free shipping. They are anticipating all pre-orders for the ADA compliant tables to ship in summer of 2023. We are also currently offering a reduced price for bulk orders of 25 or more.

In general, wheelchair-accessible tables cost more than standard tables. With the adjustability and sturdy table base, they are built to last. This is a great option for those who could use it to it’s full potential.

ground to surface, ada compliant tables are a perfect place for all to gather around leaving happy memories ideal for home, school and more.


When you purchase wheelchair-accessible tables, you open a great variety of opportunities for everyone. Students can be included with their peers for a variety of reasons to enjoy.

The Inclusion Table is an easy-to-use, adjustable table designed to be wheelchair-friendly. The wheelchair accessible seating allow the table to be used by anyone who needs it, even those with additional special needs. 

Do not hesitate to ask them any questions you may have regarding the Inclusion Table. We are excited to hear from you. 

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