Avoiding Customer Complaints

How you can avoid customer complaints

When it comes to running your business, you always want to make sure that you are both making your customers happy and keeping your customers happy with what it is that you are doing and giving to them as a company. Keeping your customers happy with what it is that you give to them as a business can be done in a lot of different ways. Some of the best ways to cut down on and even avoid your company’s customer complaints all together can very easily be done by;

Asking your customers for their feedback

When you reach out to your customers and ask for their feedback, it gives your customers a way to not complain by telling you what they think can be done to make your products even better, and by listening and taking what they say into making your company better for them. It also let’s customers know that you want their input by giving them a way to tell you what it is that they think of your company and can help you to keep getting business from them and new customers too. You should also give something back to your customers for doing things like taking surveys for your company or leaving reviews. Some ways to give back to your customers and make them want to come back are giving them things like discounts or cash off of things they buy.

Keeping up on your company’s customer service

Avoiding Customer ComplaintsSometimes the people that work for you are just having a bad day and are not giving their best at work, but some employees just do not have the training they should have to deal with customers that have a complaint or just questions in general. Making sure that your employees are trained with the answers to questions they may be asked by your customers, and making sure your employees know what to offer or who to get help from when dealing with certain complaints and concerns is also very important to avoid making both your employees and mostly your customers upset. Also making sure they have the right experience in general to be working for you and with your customers is important in keeping your customer complaints low and your customer happy. It also helps you to make sure that every complaint is being handled right, which you need to do if you want you company to have a good relationship with its customers.

Dealing with your customer complaints positively

If or when you do receive a customer complaint, there is luckily many ways to make things better. When a customer comes to you or one of your employees with a complaint, make sure that you are listening to exactly what it is that they are telling you and what it is that they are having a problem with, and making sure you have a way to resolve it or atleast make the situation better for your unhappy customer. Always make sure that you say sorry to customers with complaints (and mean it). If you feel the need to, offer your customers that have had not so much of a great experience with your company or products something that can help make it up to them. This will let them know that you want to make things right for them and keep having them as a customer. You can replace the product that did not work for them or even give them a full or partial refund for any service they got that was not what they wanted. Letting your customers know that you are sorry and making their problem that they were having better will go a long way and it will show in the good reviews they will leave you and the things that they will tell the people around them about your company. Even if a customer comes to you upset and with complaints, you can always do your best to make them leave happy and wanting to come back to do business with you again.

Keeping up on your quality control

Keeping a close eye on the items your company makes is key to making sure that your customers stay happy with what they get from you. It can also help you to catch mistakes that can be fixed and items that are broken. It can also help you to avoid customer complaints about poor items all together. It also helps you to see what can be done to make your products better and make customers want them more than they did before.


Communicating is one of the most important things to avoiding customer complaints and making sure that your company stays up and running right all together. Making sure your customers are able to leave comments and get answers to questions is important and can help you to take care of problems before they can turn into complaints. Making sure you communicate within your business is important too, it can help you to make sure mistakes do not happen and taking in comments from employees is important when it comes to making your business better for the people working for it.

Staying involved in your business

Avoiding Customer ComplaintsAlthough really, you could hire a person for every job that needs done at your business, but without seeing how things are running and actually taking a part in how things are being run will always get you customer complaints. Staying hands on in your business makes it easier for you to catch mistakes that could have lead into complaints, and helps you to see how things can be made better to give your customers what they need and want and to also help your business grow bigger and stronger. When you stay hands on in your company, it also gives you a chance to keep you customer relations high and customer complaints low by making sure that all of your products that are given to your customers are the best that you could give to them.

Even though it can hard to avoid customer complaints and sometimes there is nothing you could have done to not make it happen (in which case there are ways of handling them), if you go and take the steps you need to keep your business from getting customer complaints in the first place will pay off in the long run, and it can help you as a business to find more ways to grow and find new customers too. As long as you are giving your customers the best products and customer service you can, your customers will not have anything bad to say about your business, and they will keep coming back, and maybe even leave a good word for you somewhere down the line.

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