Anti Fog Spray And Your Goggles

You wear goggles to protect your eyes from particles, water, or other chemicals. They are commonly worn when people are working with power tools like a chainsaw or when dealing with chemicals. Some are even available with prescriptions for people who have issues with their vision. They are also often used for fun activities like swimming, skiing, and riding a motorcycle. Whether it is for work, or for play, you want your goggles to stay clear so you can see what you’re doing. That is where anti fog spray comes in.

KleerVu is the manufacturer of the worlds greatest anti fog spray cleaner and many other superior products. A KleerVu Cleaning Kit is the most popular of these products because it ensures that whether you are working or playing, all your anti fog cleaning needs will be covered!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 – 8 oz. KleerVu Anti Fog Spray Lens Cleaner
  • 1 – .5 oz. KleerVu Anti Fog Spray Lens Cleaner
  • 1 – Large Ultra-fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 – Small Ultra-fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

With this kit, you’ll have the most effective anti fog product. It works on dozens of surfaces to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Tips To Keep Your Goggles From Fogging In The Cold

In addition to KleerVu’s anti fog spray, there are some things you can do to limit how much fog gets on your goggles. Generally, fog is caused by hot air and cold air mixing so you want to avoid contrasting temperatures to keep your goggles clear. Here are some tips to help when you are out in the cold and snow.

  • Wear the proper amount of layers. Too many layers of clothes can make you overheat. Especially if you are doing something active like snowboarding or hiking. A hot face = a high probability of condensation because of the difference in temperature between the air outside and your skin. Try to make sure you wear just enough clothes to keep warm but not break a sweat.
  • Put your goggles on when you are inside. Doing this will help the goggles maintain the same temperature as your body. If possible, leave the goggles on until you are ready to go back inside. Taking them off when in the cold will let them cool off and create the contrast with your warm face — causing the fog to appear.
  • If your goggles have air vents, keep them free. Don’t wear things like neckwarmers, thick beanies, or gaiters because they funnel your body heat up to the goggles. If you do need to wear them, try to ensure that the material does not get between the foam layer of the goggles and your face. You might also check your goggles from time to time to clear off any snow or ice that may be blocking the vents. Proper airflow does a great job of preventing fog.
  • Anti fog spray and cleaning cloths are the best option though. Avoid using glass cleaner on goggles. If your goggles have anti fogging protection, glass cleaner may remove it.

Using Anti Fog Spray

Perhaps the best thing about the KleerVu anti fog spray is how easy it is to use. When using it on things like glasses, goggles, visors, etc. all you need to do is spray it on the surface. Then you just wipe it clean with a Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloth. This cloth is just what you need when you are on the go. It will fit perfectly into your eyeglass case, purse, or pocket. This cloth will not do any harm to plastics, Lexan LCD TV & computer screens, or anti reflective glasses. It is also safe to use on Lexan motorcycle windshields. To remove the bugs, spray on the windshield, then use water and a soft cloth to clean. For items such as gun scopes or binoculars: Spray on one side of a soft clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, then using the damp side wipe the optic clean, then dry with the reverse side. As if that wasn’t enough, it even comes with a guarantee!

Anti Fog Guarantee

The KleerVu Anti Fog Guarantee promises that the anti fog spray will counteract fog when used as directed, and applied regularly as needed. The frequency of KleerVu application will be dependent on the amount of physical activity exerted, the weather conditions and it will vary. There are some lenses that will not anti fog with KleerVu, or any other type of cleaner. These excluded lenses include Crizol, anti-reflective lenses, Teflon lenses, and other types of lenses with special coatings. For these special types of lenses, Pristine Lens Cleaner is the way to go. Pristine is not an anti fog formulation and is not guaranteed to counteract fog.

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