7K Metals: Member Direct Marketing Company for Gold & Silver Investing

Having been involved in the precious metals industry for many years, we’ve gained a lot of notoriety regarding our business model.

New people looking to get involved in gold and silver investing or simply looking for collectors coins for sale often ask us if we’re a network marketing or multilevel marketing company. 

The answer is no. 7K Metals is a member direct marketing company. 

As you’re probably aware, there are a lot of disreputable and shady practices that go on in the field of gold and silver investing, especially with MLM companies.

There are 2 main scams that we see gold and silver sellers using on people.

  1. They’re selling a product that they’re overhyping and overpricing, with selling the product (membership) as their one and only goal with no regard to their customers.
  2. The infamous (and very much illegal) pyramid scheme. That, or pyramid schemes disguised as something more legitimate like an MLM. Either way, people are trading money for money with no actual value in what they’re selling.
Gold & Silver Investing

For that matter, we disassociate ourselves from terms like “network marketing” or “MLM”—these terms simply don’t represent or encapsulate our business model or what we offer to our members.

The number one reason why we are distinct from these kinds of businesses is that we offer a product of value first and foremost—people become members for our rare coins with high value, for which they get direct access with no middle man.

In other words, the product is primary, while the membership is secondary.

Think of it like this: if a company is selling a product you can only get with a membership, and you were to separate the membership from the product itself, would you still want that product? If the answer is no, write that company off immediately.

Gold & Silver Investing

The vast majority of our members—88%—are members only so they can get access to the custom gold and silver coins we offer, to have access to a sound money wallet, and to have access to our stack and sell platform on which they can buy, sell, and trade coins.

Yes, there is a membership fee to join. Why do we have this in place?

Becoming a member gets you access to a sound money wallet, rare coins, gold backed IRAs, and health care plans.

So, you get your own private vault where you can stack thousands of dollars worth of rare collectable gold and silver coins, along with monthly coins that we ship to you—no going to a coin dealer, no hassle with middle-men giving you “last minute deals” or “rare opportunity purchases” that leave you with less value in the end.

Finally, you get not only a gold backed IRA but also a 7K Metals health care plan. This is ideal for many business owners who are over ensured, under ensured, or simply have a high deductible—we can cover many of your expenses with a membership. It’s that simple.

Gold & Silver Investing

Membership benefits include Advantage Programs & World Wide Discounts

As a 7K Metals member, you will have access to over 800,000 US retailers as well as discounts on:

  • Airline travel
  • Rental calls
  • Hotels

Most companies will charge you for this type of discount-included membership. 7K gives it to you for free—it comes with your membership.

There are many other benefits of joining with 7K Metals.

We offer education.

One of the biggest problems we see in the precious metals investing industry is that buyers just don’t have the education they need to make sound decisions. 

We want you to be an expert. That’s why we offer training courses on gold and silver buying as well as collector certifications, many of which are given to you for free simply because you’re a member purchasing our custom coins every month.

And let’s not forget the 7K Getaway Program!

With the added time, money, and benefits you get while being a 7K member, you have a lot more opportunities to go on vacations and simply get away from the hectic day-to-day grind.

Every year, we do this with our 7K members, going on trips to exciting places like Mexico, the Carribean, getting out on different cruises—we love seeing first-time members experience these vacations for the first time, especially if they’ve never been outside of the country before. It’s awesome to see them realize first hand what is possible with having a 7K membership.

It’s a lifestyle change that people didn’t even know they needed, and once they get a taste of it, they don’t want to let it go. 

This is a lifestyle that’s powered by gold and silver, something made possible by 7K Metals based on our expertise and experience in the gold and silver industry and the program we’ve created.

The product of value comes first, the membership is a bonus.

While having a membership with 7K Metals gives you many valuable benefits and opportunities, our products come first and foremost. 

We pride ourselves on the rare, custom collectible coins we offer, and our customers are proud to own them too. 

Learn more about these coins on our website. We offer plenty of information, coin drops, and vault reports so you can get an idea of the kind of value that 7K provides.

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