7K Metals Founders – Meet the Leadership Team

A lot of people have been asking about 7K Metals, not just in regards to its precious metals products and business model, but the men behind the idea—the founders who made 7K Metals a reality.

It all starts with Richard Hansen.

As a numismatic expert and precious metals enthusiast, he wanted to give people easier access to rare coins with high value.

The reason people are so often scammed in the gold and silver industry is because they don’t get their products from a trusted source—there are barriers to entry, tricks, bait and switch techniques, and a score of other shady business practices that make gold and silver investing a risky move for the average person.

7K Metals Founders

Richard Hansen wanted to give people direct access to legitimate coins from a trusted source by means of something as simple as a membership.

He would eventually bring this idea to Roger Ball.

Roger Ball, being notorious for his success in a variety of business ventures, saw the potential of this idea and decided to invest in it.

However, investing in an idea is just one factor that gets a business off the ground. The next step was finding a group of people who knew how to bring the idea into a reality. 

Zach Davis & Josh Anderson were the pioneers in launching this idea. 

Together they constructed the membership model with which 7K Metals operates today, a membership model based around helping you get the most value out of your gold and silver.

7K Metals Founders

7K Metals’ business model has brought value to people both inside and outside of the United States.

People are realizing more and more just how unique 7K Metals is in its business model and the products that it offers. It’s being recognized as something that’s first of its kind—a business that offers direct access to legitimate gold and silver coins from a trusted source, along with many other benefits.

7K’s compensation model is designed to help average people get ahead.

People who have spent decades in the industry have finally started seeing success after joining 7K Metals, and the reason for this success all comes down to the direct access they have to gold and silver—not just collectors coins you can find on the market, but custom coins minted by 7K Metals themselves, automatically sent out on a monthly basis.

7K Metals helps you find financial independence.

7K Metals Founders

Beyond the monthly gold and silver coins that members have access to, members also have access to a sound money wallet, gold backed IRAs, and a stack and sell program where they can buy, sell, and trade coins.

7K Metals’ vision is to help the average person win in gold and silver investing.

With so many scam companies, disreputable MLMs, and pyramid schemes in disguise, it’s easy to see why so many people have become jaded about precious metals investing. 7K Metals offers an alternative that actually works for the average person. 

Learn more about 7K Metals and how a membership can benefit you on their website.

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