7 Unique Backyard Entertainment Ideas

Ever since we were kids, our parents have been pushing us out of the house. “Go play outside, I need a minute of quiet.” My mom always seemed to say. And we were seldom outside long enough to satisfy her. Now, having grown up and left the house, I’ve had plenty of time to dream about what would make the perfect backyard, one that would engage adults and children alike. So in the future, it may even be the parents that head outside to relax. Please enjoy this short list of backyard entertainment ideas specifically for Katy, Texas.

 Fire Pit

Everyone enjoys a relaxed evening spent with friends and family gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows. It’s an All American pastime that just can’t be beaten. Be it simple or extravagant, adding a Katy, TX fire pit in your backyard always gives you a fallback. However, the day has gone. Whether you go with the fancy lava rock filled gas-powered pit, or a simple metal ring, it’ll warm your feet, heart, and soul when you fire it up.

 Tiki Hut

Tiki Hut outdoor kitchen - fire pit Katy, TX

I know, it’s a little different, but the Title is “unique ideas” after all is it not? Besides, we’re only about an hour and a half from the Gulf here in Katy, TX. I’m sure we could find some sand around! Maybe in bags near the construction zone fence at the very least. Throwing a Katy, TX Tiki Hut back there in the yard makes it feel like we’re just a little closer to paradise. Crack open a coconut, Pass around the Guava, and enjoy life beneath the thatch. 


If you are one of the lucky few in Katy with a developed tree, Building a Treehouse is a solid way to go. As a kid, I always wanted one, and honestly, still do. Let your imagination carry you away with this one, sure, you could build simple wooden platforms, but why do that when you could get in the mood and make one worthy of residing in Lothlórien. Or maybe even a classic Victorian masterpiece resting amidst the boughs.

 Hobbit House

What about the rest of us in without suitable trees? It’s a tough life. But never fear! We can build a Hobbit home! Don’t need any trees for that. Just a little round door on the side of a hill. Put a small garden outside, and you’re ready for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, tea time, and the lot. 

 Garden Railroad

Move to Katy, TX to be a bit closer to the railroad museum? This might be just up your alley. G scale and up model trains are designed for use outdoors and can provide endless hours of entertainment for all ages. Pick your favorite line or build your own fantasy line. The choice is yours. Transform your backyard into a sandy desert landscape, or a lush forest with steep logging lines running through the mountains. 

 Grill or Smoker

people standing around a grill - fire pit Katy, TX

This may be more on the adult end of things, but putting a Katy, TX grill or smoker in your backyard brings the party out of doors more often than not. Getting that brisket started for the game, man. There’s not much better than that. Many of my earliest memories are gathering hickory wood and nuts for the smoker, and eagerly waiting for the turkey to come out. The family would gather around, take in the smells, and shoot the breeze for hours on end. 

 Build a Secret Garden

This one takes quite a bit more maintenance and work than the rest, but it’s entirely worth it. A maze of Hedges, wrought iron scattered about, with places in the openings for tic tac toe, cornhole, anything you can think of, The possibilities are endless, and the backyard will be the place to be. There’s just something about plant life, it draws us in, grabs our interest, and makes us feel welcome and secure.

Wrapping Up

This list is not a comprehensive one to be sure, but hopefully, we’ve stimulated your creative juices a bit, got you rearing and ready to go. There are all kinds of things that are possible. Whether you but it, or build it yourself, Go make your dream yard a reality.

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