3 Tampa Jeep Accessories That Will Take Your Jeep To The Next Level

Being a Jeep owner means that you now belong to one of the elite off-roading clubs, whether you realize it or not. If you have ever experienced the Jeep Wave (an unofficial nod or “tip of the hat” to fellow Jeep drivers) you have been initiated. Known for their rich history, and overall hardiness, Jeeps are among the favorite off-road vehicle options among seasoned veterans and newbs alike. Even when a Jeep is driven right off the lot, it’s basically ready to be taken out onto moderately difficult off-road trails. However, within the Jeep community, it’s common to modify and add your own “flavor” to your Jeep as you begin to understand your specific needs and style. This list of Tampa Jeep accessories will help beginners and experienced Jeep owners meet their off-road goals and build a Jeep that is both unique and functional for any off-road trail or freeway you decide to take your Jeep on. 

From Tampa Jeep body armor to fender flares, you’ll find everything you need at LINE-X of South Tampa. Visit our website or contact us today for more information about which accessories are right for your ride.

Tampa Jeep Accessories: Wheels & Tires

Jeep Rock Crawler

One of the first upgrades that many Jeep owners make to their Jeep is a new set of tires and wheels. You’ll need larger tires that heighten your Jeep’s overall performance for whatever type of trail you’re driving on as well as increased grip to make sure you don’t slide around (too much). LINE-X of South Tampa can help you choose which set of tires and wheels you need to achieve the look you’re going for a while increasing the functionality of your off-road vehicle. Some things to keep in mind when you’re looking to get a specialized set of tires and wheels:

  • What’s your budget? 
  • Where do you plan on taking your Jeep most often? This question can help you differentiate between the types of wheels you should get for your Jeep. All-Terrain (AT) tires are suitable for situations where your Jeep will be driving equally on paved and unpaved roads, while mud-terrain (MT) tires are best utilized for muddy, low-traction circumstances. 
  • What style are you going for? This is where your choice in wheels comes in. You have the option to choose different finishes and patterns that speak to your personal style. Additionally, superior quality wheels not only increase the look of your Jeep, but they also enhance the performance. Since you’ll be out in nature choose high-grade aluminum or alloy wheels to outfit your ride with. These Tampa Jeep accessories hold up against the elements better than steel wheels can. 

In addition to getting four wheels and tires for your Jeep, you need to invest in a heavy-duty spare tire. A “donut” just won’t cut it on the trails.

Tampa Jeep Accessories: Fender Flares

Getting larger wheels and tires to make your Jeep capable of taking on any type of trail means that your tires will stick out slightly (or not so slightly) from the body of your Jeep. This can cause rocks and other debris to fly up, thus causing potential damage to the body, windows and even passengers of the Jeep. Tampa fender flares can fix this issue. High-quality fender flares, like the flares you can buy from LINE-X of South Tampa, are formed from either durable plastic or stable aluminum and are constructed to protect your Jeep from oversized off-road tires. In addition to adding protection to your vehicle, Jeep fender flares in Tampa come in many different colors and styles that compliment your Jeep and personal style. Off-road fender flares can typically be installed by the owner, some models will require a professional installer and additional modifications to your Jeep to create the perfect “fit”. 

Tampa Jeep Accessories: Body Armor

Jeep Sunset Hero

Jeep owners that plan on putting their Jeep through extreme conditions or who prefer a more aggressive look as they accelerate down the highway should consider adding Tampa body armor to their Jeep. Body armor is an accessory that many Jeep owners are more than happy to shell out a few bucks for since it adds an intimidating aesthetic appeal while protecting their investment from chips, scratches, dents, etc. LINE-X of South Tampa uses body armor from Fab Four and LINE-X’s spray-on coating, Body Armour,  which seamlessly adheres to any shape or surface contour, leaving a watertight seal with no room for gaps or seams. In addition to creating rugged exterior, this spray-on protective coating can be used to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage to defend against corrosion and even on the interior of your vehicle. LINE-X coatings have been put to the test on the outside of storm chasers meaning they have undergone thousands of miles of hail storms, high winds, debris fields and have come out on top. Additional features of LINE-X Body Armour include: 

  • Water-resistant
  • Consistent surface (no seams or gaps)
  • Watertight seal
  • UV and fade resistant
  • Custom pigment options
  • Heavy and fine texture finishes available

To take your Jeep to the next level, contact LINE-X of South Tampa today. We will ensure you protect your investment and get it trail-ready with only the best Tampa Jeep accessories available.

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